Tzvi Odzer Discusses The Importance of Corporate Philanthropy

Sep 3, 2021 9:00 PM ET

Tzvi Odzer Talks About the Increased Need for Corporate Giving

For over 30 years Tzvi Odzer has built success in the distribution business. Now, as a CEO in New York, his focus like many other executives is keeping employees and customers safe as we move out of the current COVID-19 pandemic. When workers can’t work, businesses can’t prosper. The entire nation is witnessing the domino effect of a year-long, economic shutdown.

Because the deadly virus has taken such a toll on corporate profits and family incomes alike, many storefronts will never re-open. And until the U.S. economy recovers, it will be incumbent upon business owners to do what they can to support those within their reach. Tzvi Odzer is the owner and CEO of BuyLifeGuard, a leading manufacturer of hand sanitizer, wipes, and other PPE to accommodate the needs of all businesses nationwide.


In addition to owning a business that has kept America’s essential workforce guarded, Tzvi Odzer has never stopped recognizing his obligations toward community giving. And, while Tzvi Odzer knows that many corporations both large and small have increased charitable funds during the pandemic, here he speaks to SMBs (small- to medium-sized businesses) on the many benefits of corporate philanthropy.


Why Philanthropy is Important to Business

When Tzvi Odzer started his business, BuyLifeGuard, it was with a social-conscious mindset. The country was reeling from a lack of protective equipment for healthcare workers and other critical frontline personnel like police offices, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians. It is sad to contemplate that over 500,000 Americans have lost the battle to COVID-19. And much of the devastation could have been avoided if the country had stockpiled a sufficient quantity of PPE.


But, what was also witnessed was true American spirit as those with sewing machines and 3D printers, both young and old, took to making and distributing homemade masks and face guards. While it may seem like a small task, the result of each and every mask maker may have been the saving of a life. Today, BuyLIfeGuard distributes a variety of protective supplies including hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, medical masks, and disposable gloves that will continue to be critical to workplace safety for years.


Even if your company is not inherently based on giving back to the community like BuyLifeGuard, it is still important to set aside money, time, or partnerships for charitable acts. Here are some hidden advantages of corporate philanthropy:

– Improves your brand reputation and increases awareness about your company

– Companies that give will attract top talent – employees that value corporate responsibility

– Employees are more engaged, more productive, and have a higher employee morale

– Corporate giving will attract new customers and clients and can increase profits


Tzvi Odzer believes it is important for management to carefully plan their corporate giving strategies. You should understand and be firmly rooted in your motivations for giving to certain causes. Next, engage your employees to give them a chance to shine also. Doing good in the community will boost your company’s reputation and bring positive returns in ways that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.


Tzvi Odzer Discusses Positive Business Image

Exactly what is a positive business image? Today, a positive business image is no longer measured in profits or stakeholder dividends. On the contrary, the American public wants to do business with companies that are after more than profits and larger headquarters. Tzvi Odzer has noticed how Millennials took the lead on pushing companies to adopt community giving strategies that start in the front office.


A positive workplace culture may include flexible work hours, dress-down Fridays, bring your child or pet to work days, and workplaces that incorporate wellness like more sunshine, more greenery, open floor plans, bike racks, and power nap pods are examples of how to bring positivity into the workplace. This profound change in how management viewed and supported their workforce also translated into how these same companies supported the communities in which they were based. 


Companies with a great business image are those that invest in the community or partner with local nonprofit organizations. Giving back to the community is an excellent way to skyrocket your corporate image. Tzvi Odzer suggests that each time you sponsor a local event, partner with a charity, or increase your corporate giving, make sure you publish a press release and photos that are made available to local news sources.


Fostering Community Giving in Employees

Once you’ve established your corporate giving strategies, it’s time to foster that same giving spirit in your employees. Some ideas to engage employees include:

– Sponsor teams that participate in community activities

– Establish holiday gift and clothing drives for the needy

– Ask employees to vote on the company’s ‘adopt a charity’

– Allow employees time-off for food pantry volunteer work

– Promote your team’s talent to perform Pro Bono work


When corporate foundation giving includes employees, it will bring positive benefits to both the workplace and the community. Corporate reputation and employee engagement are two workplace metrics that will immediately experience a boost. Tzvi Odzer believes that strong companies can engage strong employees to build stronger communities.


Encouraging employees to donate to a charity must begin with fair wages and family benefits from the company. Before you inspire employees to give to local charities, make sure your management teams are being gracious and giving to employees. Gather feedback from employees to learn what areas in the workplace can stand improvement. 


The goal is not to simply write a check. That would be easy enough to do, but it doesn’t bring the rewards that a true giving spirit brings. According to Tzvi Odzer, it is better to build your brand around giving initiatives by tying your logo together with charity hashtags and anywhere else that can tie your company’s name back to the charity.


This is how you build a company culture around giving – a consistent, mission-oriented stance that incorporates your products or services with the community and with charitable giving. 


Embracing Both Causes and Community is committed to giving back to the community in the products we sell and in our corporate giving. You will find many examples of companies that embrace both cause and community as a part of doing business. The most visible examples may be big names with big revenue. But, every company, no matter the size, can find ways to bring a positive impact to their community.


From socially responsible causes to environmental sustainability causes, you can embrace both community and charity. Workplace recycling campaigns, weekend ‘clean-up the park’ outings, offering summer employment to local teens, and ethical labor practices are all low cost but have a huge impact on the community.


In today’s landscape, so many people need help recovering from the economic and social impacts of a worldwide pandemic. Now is the best time to increase your corporate giving, boost your employee’s morale, and involve your corporate brand in socially responsible causes.

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