UFOs Spotted: A Dashcam In South Korea Filmed A Trio Of UFOs

Apr 5, 2020 5:45 PM ET

All of us only heard about UFOs in books or in comics and have considered them as a myth so far. There are so many well-established space agencies in the world that have not yet given us a single proof that could verify the fact that Aliens and UFOs Exist in real life.

But, days before, a dashcam video from the South Korean driver showed three UFos or an object and beam of light similar to them that were appearing in the night sky. As we can see in the video, the light soon disappeared in the sky leaving viewers in shock and amusement.

The video was recorded when a motorist was driving back towards his home. While on the road, he saw a usual beam of light appearing into the sky that he thought of to be a UFO. At first, just one light appeared in the sky which was soon followed by two other similar beams of light.

Those lights or that object did not leave any piece of evidence neither in the sky nor on the ground which would have been used by agencies to identify this mysterious object. The video was posted on various social media channels where it received mixed reactions.

Some called it a bluff or editing while others referred it to as UFOs. No official information has been provided by the authorities regarding the authenticity of this video.

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