Unisa PGCE application 2020: dates, cost, and requirements

Sep 3, 2019 12:10 PM ET

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Trust me, becoming a teacher is not that easy, as many perceive. Gone are the days when the undergraduates secured a teaching job. Nowadays, one must have a postgraduate certificate in education for them to qualify as a professional teacher. It adds to your advantage when you qualify from a recognized university such as Unisa. As a world-class institution, Unisa allows you to further your learning skills to become a teacher you have always wanted to be. Read on to understand Unisa PGCE application 2020 dates, costs, and requirements.


Unisa PGCE application 2020 dates

As you all know, application for the 2019 academic year recently closed down. Therefore, it means that if you missed a chance this year, you still have the opportunity to apply for 2020 academic year in the institution. Following the university’s trend , PGCE application for the year 2020 will be on 3 January – 31 March. However, the dates can be extended to the 8th of April 2020 for late applicants. But wait, why wait until April 8th when you can complete the exercise in January? You should be among the group that seeks to register on January. Who knows, you may miss the opportunity of your life if the institution fails to extend the deadlines. Remember, the dates apply for the following PGCE levels:


Foundation phase and Childhood Development,
Intermediate and Senior Phase,
and Senior Phase and Further Education and Training


Further, the requirements and costs of the above levels vary—the higher the level, the higher the costs. I suppose you want to know the specifics of each. Here is what you need to know regarding each of the above certificates.


How do I pay my Unisa application fee?

Application fee, unlike school fees, is not paid through a bank. So, do not be fooled to deposit money in a bank, in case you are applying for the first time. Well, to avoid such issues, you need to use the number given to you by the UNISA. This number is unique for each student. I know you are wondering how the number looks like. It is nothing complex. It is a number that looks like this STUDENTNUMBER 5375810730.


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