Unmanaged VPS Pros and Cons in a Flash

Feb 24, 2021 8:00 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 24, 2021  3:00 AM ET

There are a lot of hosting services offered by the hosting service provider out there. Started from the low-cost hosting service such as cloud hosting and shared hosting, the complete and perfect hosting service like VPS (Virtual Private Server), until the high-end and deluxe hosting services like a dedicated server. All of those services have a sub under their service. For example, on the VPS (Virtual Private Server), there is some service under the VPS called managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. In this article, we will talk a lot about the VPS (Virtual Private Server), unmanaged VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting, plus the pros and cons toward the managed VPS that you can use as the reference before deciding which VPS server that you want to apply on your hosting activity. Before we waste a lot of time in this introduction, let’s get down to the below section to get the information about VPS (Virtual Private Serer) plus managed VPS and unmanaged VPS.

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

There are two types of VPS on the VPS hosting that you can choose to be applied to your website hosting. The categories are unmanaged VPS hosting and managed VPS hosting.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is a service where you become the one that fully manages your hosting server. The provider will not take any part on your hosting server once you choose this service. So, what the VPS developer do then? The provider is only responsible for providing you the platform, server, and the establishment on the VPS server. For the maintenance and optimizing of the VPS server, that is the duty that the users have to mind themselves. You have to handle the monitoring process, setting, maintenance, and troubleshooting with your own effort. This service is perfect for you if you have knowledge about the technical aspects of the hosting server. If you don’t have any experience or knowledge, the best solution to overcome that blurry problem is by hiring IT technicians as third parties. Indeed, there will be an extra cost for that.

If you want to overcome the problems in the unmanaged VPS, you can choose the managed VPS (Virtual Private Server). Managed VPS is the best service from the VPS provider because, in this VPS service, you can get the comprehended service starting from the monitoring, maintenance, problem-solving, and setting on the practice. Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the perfect choice for the novice person that new to the hosting area. Skill, experience, and knowledge are not really necessary in the managed VPS service. Whenever you find several troubles and hit the wall, all you have to do is informing the VPS provider, and anything that you need will be solved in a second.

In the billing aspect, managed VPS server is known a bit expensive compared with the managed VPS server. This fact is expected because the excellent service that you can get from the managed server is way greater than the cost you give. On the opposite, the unmanaged VPS server is cheaper than the managed VPS, but in practice, you need to have the proper knowledge in the IT area to make you able to run the unmanaged VPS server properly. Besides, skills and experience in managing a VPS server are also required in the unmanaged VPS server because a lot of unexpected matters can happen during your hosting activity.

To get more familiar and get an insight about managed VPS, let’s move to the below session.

Pros of Managed VPS

Managed VPS is renowned friendly for the newbie. This makes sense because the service offered is pretty comprehended from the top to the ground started from the monitoring process, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Monitoring is an essential aspect of hosting a server because, by this practice, you can get a vision of your website and server condition. You can prevent any potential problems that appear on the VPS server process. On the monitoring process, the person that held this procedure needs to really understand the IT and the aspects that potentially endanger the server and its performance. On the managed VPS, this service is included in the bundle. You don’t have to mind the monitoring process by yourself like the unmanaged VPS.

For the maintenance aspect, the managed VPS also provide this practice for you on your website. Maintenance is one of the critical procedures on the VPS server service because the regular or annual maintenance will help the VPS server improve its performance. Several problems may occur if you are not doing the annual maintenance. If you are a busy man with limited time, conducting maintenance for your VPS server can be annoying. Hence, you can choose the managed VPS to make you get more comfortable in your VPS server’s maintenance process.

Problems always happen everywhere—flat tires, broken phone, losing money, and also some attacks on your VPS server. VPS server is able to be attacked by some criminals out there, just like the other hosting services else. Indeed, it is a big disaster for you if you don’t have the skill, knowledge, and experience in facing this kind of disturbance. To avoid this thing to happen to you, the best option is to choose the managed VPS service to make anything secure at the maximum rate.

Cons of Managed VPS

Even if the managed VPS sounds like a perfect plan to choose, in fact, there are several disadvantages that may appear following the managed VPS server. For most people, managed VPS is a bad choice because it a bit expensive compared with the unmanaged VPS. The other problems are not every VPS provider is able to give the proper service allocation and seems like not professional in this area and only bring you the worst result in VPS hosting service.

The decisions to choose the managed VPS and the unmanaged VPS is genuinely yours. If you need the cheaper VPS service and you have the knowledge about the technical aspect in VPS, you can choose the unmanaged VPS, but if you don’t have the proper skill, knowledge, and experience plus you don’t have a lot of time in managing the hosting, you can choose the managed VPS server to make it easier for you.