Utah Man Robbed Relatives, Brutally Stabbed Man With A Screwdriver, Arrested

Mar 31, 2020 8:35 PM ET

A Payson man was captured Sunday after police say he broke into a couple’s home, looted them at gunpoint and cut the man in the chest with a screwdriver.

Payson Police officials were dispatched to Mountain View Hospital, where a man had a cut injury in the chest from a screwdriver. He and his better half told police that in the night, a man broke into their home, took cash and their telephones, at that point accompanied the man to the carport where he experienced his truck and eventually wounded the person in question.

Upon further assessment, it was discovered the screwdriver was contacting the casualty’s heart, a reasonable justification sworn statement peruses.


Kayden Loveall, 19, faces nine lawful offense allegations — including attempted murder, abducting, theft, burglary and unlawful weapon ownership — and six crimes in association with an assault that finished with a relative of his in the crisis room, as per a police report.

Police found Loveall is identified with the couple

In Loveall’s assets, officials purportedly found: A budgetary exchange card with the casualty’s name, several dollars in real money, a solution pill bottle, a stacked firearm with the sequential number documented off, and methamphetamine. Police additionally state he tried positive for quantifiable sums of methamphetamine and THC.

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