UV Cooler Review- Is This The Best Portable AC? Must Read This Before Buying!

Jul 27, 2020 7:55 AM ET

UV Cooler a portable air conditioner is your gateway to enjoy a sweat-free summer. The unit has everything a conventional air conditioner doesn’t and hence, is here to stay.

UV Cooler Review:

Summers are arguably the most delightful time of the year, only if one removes the sweat factor from it. This is because there are so many fun activities to perform in this season but the limiting factor that is, the heat, is always seen ruining a plan or two. So while avoiding the outdoors is an option, not everyone affords to have a centrally air-conditioned house or a conventional air conditioning unit to make the indoors bearable. Here’s when UV Cooler comes to rescue.

This powerful, compact, and lightweight air conditioning unit is designed to suit every need. From kitchen to offices, bedrooms to garages, this small unit is enough to turn the air cooler and better.

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Air Conditioner and Lifestyle

It is a common fact that a pleasant environment propels the human mind to do a better job. This is why an air conditioner renders various benefits to a person’s everyday lifestyle. It improves cognitive and physical activity, helps the person to continue their work without drenching in sweat and thereby reducing their efficacy. A lower temperature also decreases the chances of parasites infestation and excludes allergens as well. All these factors contribute to making life comfortable and convenient.

Why UV Cooler?

As discussed previously, an air-conditioned room makes both works and sleep better but everyone can’t own an air conditioner. The conventional units are only huge but also a big burden on pockets and hence cannot be afforded by all those who do not own a centrally air-conditioned residence or office.

This portable unit can be placed in the kitchen when the oven’s working or in an air-less office to have a breath of fresh air in hot, sweltering days. The small, portable design also makes it ideal for travelling and can be taken on trips too.

UV Cooler, on the other hand, is not only compact but also light on the pocket. This lightweight unit makes the air cool, clean, and humid and is also quite feasible for those suffering from Asthma. That’s not it, numerous other factors make this petite unit different from others;

It is cost-effective; unlike other air-conditioners, this small unit is not only cheaper to install but is also light on bills and maintenance. The daily running does not cost an arm and length in terms of monthly bills but also keeps the maintenance cost lower.
It is compact and lightweight; the portable air conditioner can be used even in the smallest space and does not require spacious rooms to be installed. The portable unit is ideal for most room sizes.
It is efficient; the portable design is suitable for all kinds of environments and can even work with a power bank.
It has three different speeds; Its variable fan speeds render a person to choose the speed of their choice rather than being stuck with the only type of speed.
Three-in-one; the unit also acts as an air purifier and humidifier, turning the atmosphere healthy too.
Easier to install; Unlike huge ACs, this portable air conditioner does not require skilled professionals for its installation, rather anyone including kids can install easily as well.
It is long-lasting; The unit can cool the room for up to 8 hours and needs to be refilled thrice a day at most, therefore, allow people to complete their tasks easily without breaking a sweat.
It is silent in operation; with its ultra-quiet fan, one doesn’t even feel the presence of the unit, but only enjoys in a cool room.
It is attractive; The unit features 7 different soft colors that change the mood of the room and hence is quite popular within kids. The soft light offers a calm and deep sleep.

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How Does UV Cooler Works?

The working of this portable air conditioner is easy. It resembles the standard unit without all the hectic installations and pricey bills as it needs only water and power to get started. The operation for this three-speed compact unit needs as less as three steps;

Open the internal tank
Fill it with either water or ice
Plug-in power supply
Turn it on

The filter sucks in the warm air and replaces it with clean and cool air. Furthermore, its continuous performance does not interrupt a person’s job and keep them sweat-free for a good 8 hours.  Following are some steps that should be kept in mind to ensure a smooth, continuous operation of the unit;

Pick an ideal spot; The device needs to place at a position that can help it cool the entire space in less time.
Fill with ice; For quicker and better cooling, it is advised to fill the tank with chilled water or some pieces of ice.

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Advantages of UV Cooler

There so many advantages that come with this compact unit, some of these are;

90-degree air throw
Low cost


The portable AC is available at stupendous rates for buyers all across the world. The package includes;

Price of 1 compact air conditioner – $ 89.95
Price of 2 compact air conditioners – $ 159.95 ($ 79.98 each)
Price of 3 compact air conditioners – $ 199.95 ($ 66.65 each)

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UV Cooler Reviews-Final Verdict

With global warming as an inevitable phenomenon, the rise in temperatures in summers is a reality, the world has to live with for all times to come. In such times, while conventional air conditioners are difficult to buy, install, and maintain, their need is replaced by portable units like UV Cooler. The setup is not only an alternative to an AC but also for air purifiers and humidifiers. So give yourself a break this summer, and get the powerful, portable air conditioner unit, that is sure to make a summer a fun time to work.

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