Vaccination Drive Gains Momentum, But Fans without Masks Cause for Concern

Feb 12, 2021 2:00 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 12, 2021  9:00 AM ET

The effort to vaccinate America is gaining momentum. Even the number of new instances of COVID 19 is now the lowest in a period of three months. Experts, however, worry that the Super Ball celebrations may cause the next outbreak.

The country could vaccinate more than 4000000 people during the weekend. This is much faster when compared to the previous days; reports CDC (Centers for Disease Control and prevention) and One in ten in the country’s population has now received the first dose of the vaccine. However, only 2.9% of the US population is now fully vaccinated. This is far below the 70% and more the experts  recommend, is required to be inoculated to slow the outbreak of the new variants of the virus.


The average number of new instances of confirmed COVID 19 infections is now reduced to 117,000. This is the lowest since early November. During the first weeks of January, it was 250,000. The number of hospitalization too has been reduced greatly; from over 130,000 to 81000. This decline, according to health officials, is the sign of ease in the surge that happened due to the recent holiday crowds. It may also be the result of people adhering to safety measures. They also speculate that it is the result of low number of tests. But the sharp decline is a reality. As more and more encouraging signs follow this, experts are quite optimistic.

The only question, now, is whether this decline is sustainable or not. New variants of virus are emerging and are spreading fast in the country. President Biden plans to spend billions of dollars to increase rapid testing in the US by summer.

The number of deaths due to COVID 19 still remains high; at an average of 3,160 per day. Federal officials, in the meantime, are asking States not to relax restrictions on dining out and other similar activities. The country is yet to control the pandemic.

Crowds of fans and that too without masks in public spaces like sports bar is worrying experts. They fear another outbreak.

One football team conducted a maskless party near the city airport. According to the authorities, this is not smart, but a stupid move. Police too has sent citations for nearly 60 people for not wearing mask in public space. People are going to parties even when fully aware that the instances of corona virus are still high in the places like California. Certain people are out in the open after almost one year in isolation. And they enjoy the outing.

People show late at night. The more they drink, the more lenient they become in the matters like masks.

Some go out with vaccinated friends to small gatherings. For most of those who venture outside, the time is an opportunity to get out, talk with many people and enjoy some time outdoors.

Are you someone planning to have a party during this pandemic? Follow these guidelines:

  • Mask is a must: You may let the participants choose the costume they prefer. But no decorative mask offers the same protection as a covering mask. Adhere to this guideline.
  • Keep the numbers low: Make the party as small as possible. Ten is the highly recommended number.
  • Keep the distance: This is something that allows some fresh air. See to it that there is at least six feet distance between each participant.
  • Keep your packs as small and cozy as possible.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizers and blankets.

Remember, time has not yet come to party the night away. Wear mask, maintain distance, vaccinate yourself and stay safe. Reports say; tough time is yet to come.