Varying Rainfall Patterns and its Impact

Sep 21, 2020 10:55 AM ET

In the last two to three decades, the earth is facing various environmental issues due to human activities. One of the issues is rising global warming. Global warming results in a higher temperature of the atmosphere. As the temperature rises, the water from the earth evaporates at a greater speed. This, in turn, results in climatic changes. In this article, let us have a glance at varying rainfall patterns and their impact on the ecosystem.

Varying rainfall patterns is one of the major social issues rising extensively. Climatic changes are responsible for these varying and undetermined rainfall patters. Generally, the atmosphere absorbs the water and moisture from the earth’s surface and the rainfall occurs. But, nowadays, the pattern of absorbing moisture has changed. sometimes, the water is absorbed in higher amounts and sometimes in very little amounts.

The amount of moisture absorbed depends upon the different areas. The precipitation occurs less in some areas, while it occurs in higher quantities in some areas. For example, the Northeast countries get higher rainfall, and the countries in the southwest experience less rainfall. Both, higher rainfall as well as less rainfall may result in various lifestyle issues. Having rainfall in high quantities may cause wet drought and less rainfall may end in dry drought.

Due to these changing patterns of rainfall, the lives of animals, aquatic animals, plants, and also human beings get affected. Now, let us focus on how these varying rainfall patterns have adverse effects on various aspects of the earth.


The major effect of changing rainfall patterns is experienced by the agriculture sector and farmers. Framers grow seasonal crops on their farms. That means, some crops require higher rainfall and some require very less. But due to changing climate and rainfall patterns, crops are getting damaged at a greater pace.

Sometimes, higher rainfall results in floods. These floods damage the crops. So, if there are no proper crops grown, it becomes very difficult for everyone to survive. Additionally, if no water is available in sufficient amounts for the crops, they get burned and die.

Water Supply:

Another great effect of varying rainfall patterns is seen in the water supply process. Due to less rainfall, many countries across the globe face the problem of water. And, the rising temperature and global warming can even make it more critical. Higher temperatures will result in the absorption of water from lakes, rivers, and oceans. In the past few years, many countries have experienced a shortage of water.

Not only human beings are affected due to these dry drought but also plants, forests, animals, and aquatic lives are affected. The whole ecosystem gets disturbed due to varying rainfall patterns.

Plants, Animals, and Environment:

Animals and plants are entirely dependent on rainwater. The rainfall is one of the major components of the ecosystem. So, if the rainfall patterns change, the entire ecosystem changes. Many animals have the tendance to live in drought conditions. But, there are many other animals, they require moist weather and do not survive in higher temperatures.

It becomes harder for plants to survive in dry conditions. The less the quantities of plants in the environment, the higher the increase in carbon dioxide. And we have earlier observed that carbon dioxide is one of the major reasons for varying rainfall patterns.


Forests are getting cut by humans for their greedy needs. Cutting down forests have decreased the number of plants. The forests are the homes of many animals. So, if there are nor forests, animals will lose their shelters. Plants in the forests also serve as food for animals. The food is mone of the major needs of animals as well.

Wildfires are causing to a greater extent due to increasing temperatures. This is also one of the reasons responsible for vanishing forests. The lives of animals are also at greater risk due to these wildfires.

Other elements of the environment:

The increasing temperature results in the melting of snow. This may effectively result in decreasing skiing, ice fishing, and many other human activities. Oceans also face the major problem sue to varying rainfall patterns.

All the above-mentioned elements, like plants, forests, animals, oceans, beaches, fossil fuels, farms, etc. composes the ecosystem of the earth. So, if all elements get affected due to the changing patterns of rainfall, the ecosystem also gets affected. It is very necessary for humans to take preventive measures for increasing temperatures and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

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