Venom Is Trending On Twitter After A Video Of Real Life Symbiote Appears

Apr 5, 2020 4:30 PM ET

Venom 2

Why Venom is trending on Twitter?

Venom fans were surprised with a viral video that then made “Venom” and “Symbiont” themes on Twitter. A classic type of Marvel comics, symbiots are parasites that feed on the emotions of their hosts and tend to cause them problems to sweeten the taste. Venom is the best-known symbiote and a regular Spider-Man antagonist in the comics.

Venom 2 is under construction

Venom received an independent film in the Sony Marvel universe in 2018. It explored the character after making Eddie Brock his host, with Tom Hardy in the title role. Venom did well at the box office, though critics generally rated it poorly. A sequel, Venom 2, is still under construction. It is currently scheduled for October, but this may change depending on the outcome of the coronavirus pandemic. Sony has already postponed the release date of its compatriot Sony Marvel Morbius by seven months.

What made video so trending?

“Venom” took first place on Twitter in America in the theme of the trend, and the word “Symbiote” came in the third position. It happened after a gooey black mass of a group of creatures was captured on a video meandering around a rock. In the video, which is widely used on Twitter, a visibly angry man shoots and shoots the substance before seeing it apart. But it reformed and made it look like poison in its original form. There is no indication of where the video was taken. Although the unnamed substance looks like the special effects product, it is actually a bootlace worm that, like the one shown in the video, is extremely long.

Anybody know what this is?

— non essential (@sunnyarkade) April 2, 2020

Photos and videos inspired fans of Venom

This Twitter video and the Twitter trend are likely to inspire fans of Venom 2, which has been spiced up with current shoot photos that found their way onto the Internet. You’ve already watched Woody Harrelson’s new haircut by Cletus Kasady, as well as photos that seemed to show how Eddie Brock was saved by another symbiote. Fans are still confident that Tom Holland will appear as Spider-Man, although it’s not sure. In any case, it seems likely that the two will meet at some point, given the frequency with which their paths cross in the comics.

While there is a reasonable explanation for the video lying around on Twitter, it’s still fun to imagine that the creature has origins of superheroes. No wonder it was well-received by fans. This may be a strange reason for Venom to set trends on Twitter, but Sony will likely appreciate the unexpected free marketing for Venom 2.

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