Veteran Officer and Avid Traveler Nicholas Corso Algonquin Discusses His Top Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling

May 13, 2020 6:20 PM ET

Veteran police officer and avid world traveler Nicholas Corso Algonquin discusses his exclusive tips for staying safe while traveling. 

Traveling may have been put on hold for the time being, but the industry is expected to make a comeback following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the travel industry is expected to return a bit different than before, with travelers more concerned about health safety and more. Avid traveler and veteran police officer Nicholas Corso Algonquin recently discussed his top tips for staying safe in terms of health, crime, fraud, and more while traveling.

Nicholas Corso Algonquin began by stating that people are undoubtedly going to be more concerned about avoiding viruses and other illnesses while traveling. According to Nicholas Corso Algonquin, travelers should take more precautions in flight, including sanitizing surfaces, using a face mask, and consuming plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

“The confined space of an airplane, bus, cruise ship, or train, is one of the likeliest places to get sick and ruin the remainder of your trip,” Nicholas Corso Algonquin said. “However, taking a few additional precautions, like sanitizing all of the surfaces around you and wearing a mask, can go a long way.”

Nicholas Corso Algonquin also explained other aspects of traveling that sacrifice safety, such as avoiding hackers. According to officers like Nicholas Corso Algonquin, one of the easiest ways for hackers to access your information is through a non-secured WiFi network. Experts recommend avoiding using public WiFi whenever possible while traveling.

As a veteran officer, Nicholas Corso Algonquin expressed the importance of never posting your location or travel plans on social media. While it may be enticing to show your friends and family your worldwide travel itinerary, Nicholas Corso Algonquin said this is an easy way for potential thieves to know where you are and that you’re away from home. Instead, Algonquin suggested posting about your trip on social media when you return.

“Creating a social media post stating that you’re at the airport and headed abroad for a month only informs potential thieves that you’ll be away from home and now is the perfect time to enter,” Nicholas Corso Algonquin said.

Similarly, Nicholas Corso Algonquin said travelers can protect their homes and private information by stopping mail delivery or having a family member pick up mail while they’re gone.

“A mailbox overflowing with mail is an obvious red flag that nobody as home, and the postal service makes it extremely easy to stop mail delivery for a short period,” Nicholas Corso Algonquin added. “This way, nobody can access your tax statements, account numbers, and other private information as well.”

Nicholas Corso Algonquin explained that he is an avid traveler himself and plans to travel without fear following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he stated that he will be taking a few extra precautions for health and safety, and he hopes everyone else will too.

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