Vintage Music Equipment Expert Bobby Wilkinson Shares His Tips For Finding Hidden Gems In The Antique Shop

Sep 16, 2020 12:45 AM ET

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Shares His Tips For Finding The Diamond In The Rough At The Antique shop

All decor, music, and sports enthusiasts have been there: you’re picking over items in the antique shop, wondering if you’ll happen upon a collectible that’s worth thousands (or more). Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa, a vintage music expert, is sharing his top tips for finding the perfect antiques to complete your home collection.

First, Bobby Wilkinson recommends trusting your gut when it comes to finding antiques that are worth the price tag. If something looks like it’s new, and doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear, it’s likely not an antique worth spending your money on. Bobby Wilkinson recommends looking closely at any nails or other metalwork on the piece – it the metal is shiny and looks new, it’s likely that it is.

Imperfections make your piece unique, and it’s likely that any antique you find that’s worth anything significant will have some signs of use. Remember, when you’re searching for antiques, you’re looking for pieces with a story, not a piece that’s been locked up in storage for decades. Bobby Wilkinson recommends inspecting latches, moving gears, and other parts closely, looking for signs that the piece has been used and well-loved.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa also recommends talking to the shop owner and asking questions before you purchase a piece. The shop owner should be knowledgable about what they have to offer and should be able to tell you where the piece came from. If they’re hesitant to offer information or tell you a story about the piece that doesn’t match the piece’s price tag, it’s best to move on to another shop, according to Bobby Wilkinson.

Go into the fine details when you’re looking at a piece. In many antique shops, pieces are folded, placed, or staged in a way that hides issues that may create a hesitation to buy. If you’re considering purchasing a piece, Bobby Wilkinson recommends having a look from all angles. Feel free to flip the piece over, and pay close attention to the side that’s been turned towards the wall.

If you’re searching for a rare piece, Bobby Wilkinson recommends looking online and calling to ask questions before making the drive to buy. Bobby Wilkinson also recommends asking the seller for information about past owners, so that you can reach out and ask them questions about the origin of the piece if necessary.


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