Ways to makeover your bathroom in 2021

Dec 28, 2020 4:55 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 28, 2020  11:55 AM ET

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a slight bit more stressful than we were banking on. Feel refreshed and revived in 2021 by treating yourself to a bathroom makeover that will provide you with the perfect pampering spot. Say goodbye to wayward shampoo bottles and a chilly shower, that you need to get out of quickly in order to avoid hypothermia, and hello to pure indulgence.

So where should you begin in turning your bathroom from subpar to spa-like?

In order of importance, here is my list of things to get your makeover going.

  1. A heated towel rail

There is no worse way to end a nice relaxing bath or invigorating shower than by stepping out of the warm water and wrapping yourself in a cold, or even worse, slightly damp towel. Make that a thing of the past by installing a towel rail in your bathroom. If space is tight, don’t worry, I found some great compact versions here at Trade Radiators that can even fit behind doors. If you are concerned about needing to get a plumber in to install it, then I suggest taking a look at the electric options. All you will need is a spare power socket to plug it into. Another benefit of making it an electric option is that you can turn it on when you need it, so you won’t need to heat the whole house when you want just the towel rail to be warm.

  1. Rainfall showerhead

Do you remember how I mentioned the feeling of getting hypothermia in your shower at the beginning of this article? If you have a shower head that only offers a fairly narrow stream then chances are more of your body is out of the water than in it when you are taking a shower. By swapping out your existing showerhead for a rainfall one, you will immediately give yourself a totally different showering sensation. With warm water cascading all over your body you will want to get up extra early to spend more time in the shower.

  1. Lighting

Bare bulbs, dusty lampshades and unforgiving harsh light do not add up to a soothing experience. Give your bathroom more ambience by investing in some new lighting options. LED lights underneath and above cabinets are a great way to step away from an overhead light. You might also want to consider a new mirror that includes its own lighting. Not only will it make you feel like a movie star, but it is also incredibly helpful for getting your makeup looking just right. For those relaxing bath moments, don’t forget to add some candles. Choose LED ones if you are worried about open flames or spilt wax.

  1. Storage

Banish your bottles and tubes to out of sight and out of mind.

How many spas have you been to that have bottles of Head & Shoulders or Radox shower gel just hanging about? The answer is none! Take a leaf out of their book and find places for everything to go when not in use. Seagrass baskets are an ideal solution, if drawer or cupboard space is limited. For the things you use daily, consider getting matching decanter sets so you can have them within easy reach but keep a unified and sophisticated look.

  1. Salt scrub

Okay, this final tip is not really a necessity, but boy will your hands thank you for it! In addition to your hand soap keep a jar of moisturising salt scrub by your sink. With all the extra hand washing and sanitising going on, our hands need a little bit of extra love. After soaping up, give your hands their own spa experience by treating them to a gentle salt scrub.

There you have it, five easy steps to giving your bathroom a new lease of life. With some simple changes and just a little bit of investment, the smallest room in the house might just become the most popular.