Well paid jobs that do not require a degree

Mar 8, 2019 2:30 PM ET

People search for a good paying job all the time, and it is not necessary that good qualification will get you a job with good pay. Two people can have the same job, but the difference in their pay could be quite extensive. The salary of a job is dependent on the industry, and the same job in two different industries can have different pay than each other. However, some jobs stand above all other regardless of the industry. However, their nature of job remains the same, and their qualification is also universal. The demographics of an employee also affects the pay of a person such as race, ethnicity, and gender. However, a person can control the nature of their earning by getting into a high paying job, and that factor is entirely dependent on a person. Some jobs can help a person in getting more pay, and you don’t even need a degree for it.


Firefighting is a dangerous job, but it does not require a degree to be a firefighter. The role offers good pay in regards to its qualification, and a firefighter can earn nearly 40000$. The earning of a firefighter is dependent on the rank of a person. However, it is not a piece of cake as there are certain aptitude and physical test that a person needs to pass to qualify for firefighting.

Law enforcement

Becoming a police constable does not require any qualification, but you need to pass certain aptitude and physical test to qualify for the job. The earnings of police constables are pretty decent and start from 20000$ a year and grow as the career of a person progress.

Train driving

Train drivers don’t require a proper qualification, but they earn decent pay. A newly train driver can earn up to 25000$ a year while experience can earn way much more. There is a potential to pay growthfor train driver.

Air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers don’t need a degree, but they are required to train to get the license for air traffic control. There is a potential growth of salaries for air traffic controllers, and a newly qualified controller can earn up to 21000$, and the pay will grow as the career of a person progress. The duties of an air traffic controller can also change with the growth of their carrier.

Hazardous waste manager

The hazardous waste manager might not be a job that every person wants, but the pay offer in this job can be quite intriguing. This job does not require any degree, and a hazardous waste manager can earn up to 35000$ a year. They are responsible for getting rid of hazardous waste for factories and hospitals.

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