What are The Advantages of Using Adjustable Beds

Jul 16, 2020 1:15 PM ET


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Before the invention of conventional beds and mattresses, people used to make use of straws and dried leaves with animal skin over it as their makeshift beds. When the straws are flattened down, they replace it with news ones to imitate the soft feeling to the touch. People used to replace their beds over and over again until the invention of cotton mattresses.

During the Industrial Revolution, when cast iron beds and cotton mattresses were made, the idea became a sensation to the public. The new conventional mattresses gave life to other concepts like spring bed, water bed, and foam mattresses. Ever since the sprout of these ideas, people no longer need to replace old hay straws with new ones in their bedroom. 

Today, people face another dilemma with foam mattresses. People want something more comfortable and convenient. So, a new invention was made to cater to these problems, thus the birth of adjustable beds. This innovation is most helpful for the elderly and bed-ridden people. It is proven to have some advantages when compared to ordinary beds. 

Assists People in Need

Elderlies and people who suffer from bodily trauma can mostly take advantage of this innovation. Because of their age or their physical state, it is harder for them to move. Thus this would mean constant assistance from other people. With a press of a button, they can easily manage to sit up or adjust the inclination of the bed to whatever it may suit them. 

Dual Purpose Furniture

Most adjustable beds are programmed to alter the inclination of the top or the bottom part of the bed. However, the Sophie adjustable bed design has other sophisticated commands like body massager with three massage modes. A person can save money from buying a massager, as this revolutionary innovation can function in both ways. 

Increased Comfort

Some people aren’t just comfortable lying flat, so they help themselves with extra pillows on their legs and arms. However, another dilemma arises when there are too many pillows as it will not allow freedom to move. With the help of an adjustable bed, they can easily change the inclination of the top or lower part of the bed, without sacrificing the freedom to move. 

Eliminates Back Pain

Back pain can result from misalignment of the spine and pressure on the lower back because of the sleeping position of a person. Since conventional beds are parallel to the ground, it puts uneven pressure on the back or to the spine. Thus, with the help of an adjustable bed, lifting the top part of the bed by 45 degrees will lessen the compression on the lower back. 

Minimizes GERD and Heartburn

The sleeping position widely causes GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. This condition often happens when something causes the acid in your stomach to reach the esophagus. As the stomach has a mucus lining, it’s relatively safe from the hydrochloric acid that your body produces.  Your esophagus however, lacks that mucus lining which is why the acid can cause discomfort and pain.

One of the causes of GERD can be associated with positioning and natural gravity. With adjustable beds, the inclination of the top part of the bed will surely keep the stomach acid where it is supposed to belong.

Enhances Digestion


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As a person sleeps, the body continues to process the food from a prior meal. Lying flat can interrupt smooth digestion as the stomach with the intestines become parallel to the ground. With an inclination provided by the adjustable bed, the stomach stays above the entrails. With this, gravity comes to play and aids the body to have placid digestion. 

Improve Blood Circulation

Some sleeping positions can result in uneven pressure on the different parts of the body. This phenomenon will disrupt the smooth flow of circulation. With the help of an adjustable bed, the inclination can alleviate the pressure on the body. If positioned at a recommended angle of inclination, it will reduce the load allowing blood to circulate the body smoothly. 

Reduces Snoring and Asthma

Lying flat can put weight into the head that causes vibrations in the throat that enables snoring. On the other hand, asthma is also a breathing problem that constricts the airway because of too much weight. With the use of an adjustable bed, an acute inclination will shift the concentration of pressure in the body, thus relaxing the airway and the throat. 

Combats Arthritis 

Arthritis is known for its pain and stiffness in the joints that worsens with age. Arthritis can be triggered when there is unshifting weight and pressure to the area of the problem. An adjustable bed can help by providing inclination to the joints, thus shifting the weight and load in the body.

Helps with Sleeping Problems

Thirty percent of the general population suffers from insomnia, usually caused by a worried mind or sorrow. An adjustable bed does the trick of helping the person drift off into dreamland. This phenomenon is possible since an adjustable bed offers more sleeping position that encourages healthy circulation and smooth digestion. 


The best way to seek relaxation is through improving the state of the furniture we use to lie and sleep. Many people have vouched for the underlying advantages of using an adjustable bed. It’s time to upgrade our beds and treat ourselves with comfort and tranquility. Adjustable beds can help us provide that comfort we need.


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