What are the different roofing materials available for your today?

Jul 29, 2020 5:10 AM ET

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If you are looking forward to get your roof redone or you want to get it fixed with some modern features, then you need to hire a good roofing company or you could do it yourself as well. one thing that you need to know, is the fact, that the roofing and all the things you have to do along with it, have to be done with a lot of care and safety and security are the major concerns in this regard as well. If you can do the roofing job like a pro, you must go for it, if not, then get the Baltimore Roofers to do it for you so that you can sit back and relax.

When it comes to the several options that we can have for the roofs and the types of materials that we can have for it, you will find that there is no end to the possibilities to it. Gone are the days when there were only the asphalt shingles, clay, concrete or slate tiles available for you for the roofing.

But today, in this modern era, there is a lot more to have than these basic materials for the roofs.

We are going to discuss these roofing materials here on this post and we hope that by the end of this post, you would be able to decide which roofing material you need for your roof.

1. Solar tiles

These are the tiles that get fully integrated with the shingles of the roof and are capable of producing a lot of electricity for you as well. These tiles are a bit costly but they can produce energy for you and can save on the electricity bills in the future.

2. Asphalt shingles

These shingles are most commonly used shingles and they can be found in a series of colors too. You can choose any color and any style of the asphalt shingles and add beauty to your roof easily.

3. Metal shingles

The metal shingles are the most durable and highly reliable kind of the shingles available out there. You can use them on your existing roof and enjoy the perks of a safe roof. It can withstand 60 years of extreme weather but it can be a bit noisy in storm and hails. The cost of the metal shingles is a bit high for each square foot but the durability is unparalleled.

4. Stone coated steel shingles

As the name implies, these are the strong and highly durable shingles that are known to have a lifetime equal to that of the house itself and they are best suited for wet and windy regions.

5. Slate

Slate is one of the most amazing and most durable kind of roofs that you can have. They are extremely hardcore and have a lifetime up to 100 years. It is very much effective in wet climates but it is heavy and expensive too.


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