What Are the Major Reasons for Truck Accidents in Arkansas?

Apr 12, 2020 7:10 PM ET

Before becoming a certified truck driver, candidates must undergo the proper licensing and they also must pass the appropriate medical examinations to be deemed physically fit enough to drive such a large vehicle commercially.

The reason why so many regulations are put in place for truck drivers is to try and help prevent a collision from occurring. Individuals who drive smaller vehicles do not require such scrutinous licensing and do not have to follow such specific regulations because it is generally easier to drive a smaller vehicle. Also, the damages that result from a truck accident are much more serious than those that come from a regular vehicle accident.

Any individual who finds themselves in an accident with a truck driver should call a truck accident attorney to help them with the legalities.

Whenever a truck accident occurs, most individuals automatically blame the truck driver, and in many cases, it is at least partially the driver’s fault. However, many external variables can result in the collision of such a massive vehicle. An attorney can aid a person in investigating to determine who it is that can be held legally responsible due to their negligent behavior.

The following are common reasons truck accidents often occur in Arkansas:

Excess cargo weight
Failure to distribute cargo appropriately
Driver fatigue or poor health
Failure to follow traffic rules
Reckless or distracted driving
Poor weather conditions
Truck parts failure
Obstructions on the road

Depending on the specific cause of the accident, different parties can be held accountable for the accident. If it is discerned the accident occurred due to a cargo loading error, then the company responsible for loading the cargo or the owner of the cargo may be held liable for the collision. If the accident occurred due to the truck driver being fatigued or unwell then the driver and the trucking company can be questioned for their negligence.

When should I call a lawyer after a truck accident?

A lawyer should be contacted immediately after the accident occurs. Individuals should not speak with their insurer or even give too much unnecessary information to the other drivers involved in the collision until they speak with a qualified attorney first.

Without the aid of a lawyer, one’s insurer and the other parties involved in the accident can easily take advantage of a person’s lack of knowledge concerning their legal rights. It is always a good idea to get in touch with an attorney when dealing with truck accident cases. Cases involving these large vehicles often get very complicated and a legal representative can help ensure the right party is held accountable for their actions and that the individual who suffered due to the accident gets compensated in full.



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