What Do You Need to Know About Growth Hormone Therapy

Oct 22, 2020 4:48 PM ET

Oct 22, 2020 12:48 PM ET
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Are human growth hormones the best alternative to aging? Fewer people now believe in the magic water found on the mysterious fountain of youth in Florida. More people are now putting their faith in the use of human growth hormones to fight to age. While people would bath or drink the water found in the elusive fountain of youth, with human growth hormone, you will need an injection.

Historically, growth hormones were only used to stimulate growth in children who seemed to have a deficiency in this hormone. However, today medical practitioners are approving the hormone for other uses. Adults are increasingly using hormones for different reasons. Athletes are going for this hormone to boost their performance in the field while ageing adults wants to remain young. Read on to learn the nature and functioning of growth hormones, how adults can benefit from it and the safety and legal requirements for a safe HGH treatment.

What is the Human Growth Hormone?

It is an essential hormone released by the pituitary gland. Adults who have a deficiency in this hormone are likely to have low muscles mass, poor bone density and easier to suffer from fatigue.

What Are The Functions of Growth Hormone and Its Nature?

Apart from the role of stimulating growth, here are other key roles that HGH plays:

• Helps in regulating body metabolism reactions.
• Works on fat cells to lower the amount of fat in your body.
• It controls the number of sugar levels in the blood.
• HGH will lead to quick recovery from injuries and illnesses.
• The hormone encourages muscle growth and strength.
• It also promotes the synthesizing of proteins in the human cell.
• An athlete requires this hormone during their training, it increases their performances.

Human growth hormone exists as a protein hormone that has approximately ten amino acids. It is made and discharged to the bloodstream by cells found in the pituitary glands. The production of GH is active when you are young and starts declining when you attain the middle age. Additional HGH is made during the night-time than during the day.

You can get human growth hormone as an injectable but strictly on prescription from a physician.

How Can Adults Benefit From Human Growth Hormone?

  1. Adults can get more energy to exercise. Unless you are an athlete, most adult report fatigue when they start exercising. With HGH therapy, you can exercise for a longer period without getting tired.
  2. In case of an injury, this hormone will expedite the healing process.
  3. With this treatment, there are few cases of developing heart complications in the future.
  4. A good dosage of this hormone can help in building and repairing of healthy tissues in body organs such as the brain.
  5. For adults suffering from the growth hormone deficiency, an injection of HGH will make it easier for you to reduce body fats. Here you may discover the results of HGH therapy patients’.

How To Naturally Boost Your Human Growth Hormone

You don’t have to get an injection of GH. There are different ways in which you can have your growth hormones increase naturally.

  1. Shed off excess body fats- High body fats is a sign of low HGH levels production in your body. According to research, the levels of GH in men is affected by high accumulation of body fats. Getting rid of the extra fats will lead to optimization of the hormone responsible for your growth.
  2. Consider fasting intermittently- You can increase your level of the growth hormone by fasting intermittently. According to research, your level of this hormone can increase by 300% when you fast for three days. Fasting is among the best ways of fighting excess fats which hamper the production of this hormone.
  3. Reduce the level of your sugar intake- High sugar intake is likely to increase the level of insulin in your blood which lowers the production of the GH.

What Are The Requirements for a Safe and Legal HGH Treatment?

For you to use this form of treatment, you must have a prescription from your physician stating that you have a deficiency in GH. Just like taking any other injectable drugs at home, your doctor can prescribe how you can self-inject this hormone depending on your condition. You will be required to visit your physician after 4 to 8 weeks during the treatment period for monitoring.

Cancer patients and patients with breathing complications are not advised to take this form of therapy.

The law does not allow the usage of this hormone to enhance performance in any form of sport. Sportspeople who abuse this injectable risk facing disqualifications in their sports.

Final Thought

Many pros come with having good levels of this hormone in your body. Even so, you should not administer this hormone into your body without a prescription. Ensure that your doctor has done several tests on you before starting this therapy.

Just like any other medicine, this therapy has its side effects. Report any notable side effects to your physician before the effects persist. There is no proof that the use of this hormone will bring back your youthful days, eat healthily and exercise to keep physically fit.
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