What does it cost to live in the Bay area?

Oct 20, 2020 7:23 AM ET

Oct 20, 2020 3:23 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 20, 2020

When it comes to the most desirable cities in the United States? The first city that comes to our head is the Bay Area, the panorama is breath-taking and beautiful, the weather is astonishing and the diversity is phenomenal. But we can’t neglect the fact that living in the Bay Area is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States of America. Even though the city gives the best weather, beaches, the environment on the other hand rent, transportation, and food that comprises the overall cost of living in the Bay Area is more than any other location in the United States. If you’re planning to relocate to the Bay Area then you should know all the positives and negatives of living there. Therefore, the information below will tell the average cost of living in the Bay Area. This will help you in estimating the overall cost that will be required to live there.

The cost of living will depend on the city to city. Every person has their living so it will also depend on their preferences and circumstances. For shifting to a new place, you have to adjust yourself according to the need and city.

1. Important points to be Remember

  • San Francisco, Bay Area is one of the expensive cities to live in in the United States.
  • If you talk about the rental cost then for the one-room apartment is around $3000 and another necessity will cost around $1500.
  • And if you’re a student then you can save a ton by sharing an apartment.

2. Rental Prices in the Bay Area

The Rent in the Bay Area has been rapidly increasing if we look into the statistics the average cost of a one-room apartment in the Bay Area would cost around $3000 while if you’re moving with a family and you’re taking a family apartment then it would cost around $5000. For people who are moving from the less luxurious and expensive city will feel like where they have come into. Surprisingly the average cost is $5000 which may go around &10,000 depending on where you take it.

3. Utility Cost

This is one thing where you can relax, the utility cost of living in the Bay Area is quite affordable as compared to the other cities in the United States. The reason behind this can be a pleasant climate that it offers. Therefore, all the necessities and basic utilities such as food, electricity, and water would cost you around $150 to &200 which is quite affordable for all. Therefore, it will depend on you what is your lifestyle and how you take things.

4. Food Costs

San Francisco which is commonly known as the Bay Area is known for its food and restaurants. People living here pay the most money on food. The average household cost you around &500 which is quite affordable than cities like San Diego.

5. Commuting Cost

If you’re shifting to the Bay Area and you’re thinking of taking the car for commuting to different places then you may be wrong in this. The Bay Area provides the best public transportation. Therefore, it has the best advanced public transportation and the system runs out effectively and efficiently. The usage of the metro system and public transportation is much easier than ever. In the Bay Area car insurance goes by $2,880 per year.

6. Working in the Bay area

If you’re working and you’re heading a professional lifestyle in the Bay Area then the expenses would be higher than if you’re a student there. Yes, the pay for working and professionals are better than just anywhere in the area. This would give you an idea of the cost of living in the Bay Area. And all the things you should keep in mind while choosing a city you want to shift in.

Points that tell us how expensive it is to live in the Bay Area:

  • This is true that the Bay Area is the most expensive city in the history of the world, as compared to the United States.
  • The average rent of taking an apartment there is around &4000 and above which is quite a good amount as compared to other cities in the US.
  • And if you’re planning to buy a new home in the Bay Area then it would cost around $1.5 million.
  • If you want a normal lifestyle in the San Francisco Bay Area then you have to earn around $230,286.

Whenever you move to a new city there are a lot of important things that need to be taken care of while moving, including the cost of living, lifestyle, and quality of life. The places like The Bay Area have the highest life expectancy in the entire world. Although we all know there are so many things that affect life expectancy which include income, lifestyle, and quality of life. If you’re coming from a city that has fewer adventures and contradictions then you would feel like you’ve got life, but at the same time if you’re coming from the cities such as New York, Los Angeles then things would be different. It depends on you how you take your things. San Francisco apart from its heart-breaking climate is astonishingly beautiful overall. Therefore, if you’re planning to shift then think twice before you make a decision. But it is truly said that if you want to know a place, then you have to live there. And the same goes for San Francisco to know about its contradictions and expectations you have to live in there.

Moving to any place is not easy to be it, San Diego or San Francisco, there are own struggles that follow in the process. From packing to unpacking, there are so many things that need to be considered before a move. And most importantly you should know about the city you’re moving to. In this case, if we take an example of the Bay Area, you should know all the good and bad points about the Bay Area. And then decide if you want to move there or not.