What does TV mean in the year 2019?

Mar 29, 2019 2:05 PM ET

The future of traditional television is quite grim, the new generation of audience relay on the internet as their source of entertainment and information. Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are serving as alternatives for traditional TV channels. Even Apple has jumped into the streaming business which can make streaming services even more prominent. The TV channels previously using the traditional TV as their main platform are now sifting through the apps and websites. There are some famous programs only available on streaming services. Even the channels that have availability on traditional TV are not as famous as their own websites or mobile apps. The traditional cable TV has nearly ended and it has been replaced by the set-up box because it offers more flexibility compared to cable TV. The age of traditional TV is over but not the age of Television, because it too has evolved to suit the new generation of audience and technology.

The TV of the modern era

We can already see the televisions adopting the new technology at a fast pace. Smart TVs are on the rise which is changing the perception of television and making its interface closer to a Smart device rather a traditional TV. The rise of Smart TVs is the sign that television manufacturers are trying to adapt to the evolving age of technology. Linear TV is not preferred anymore because it is at a huge disadvantage in the age of the internet. The traditional TV works at its own pace rather following the wishes of the audience. Streaming TV is in complete control of the user because users can do whatever they want with a program. Users have the choice to pause a specific moment, reverse it or fast forward it. In a sense streaming TV is truly in control of the users. The TV of the modern era is more focused on providing support to streaming services and other devices rather than working independently in the linear format.

Future of TV

We are already seeing the evolution of television at a very fast pace and all of the major manufacturers are trying to get ahead of their competitors. The resolutions and displays of TV are constantly improving which is making TV a distinctive piece of technology. 4K resolution of the television has enhanced the clarity of TVs to an extreme level making TV a desirable piece of technology once again. 8k TV has already been introduced which has heated the competition of making the best TV once again. The big screens of Television are preferred over the small ones. The TV of the modern era is moving away from linear television to the internet. The TV of the modern era is much closer to the computer than television and they will keep on evolving. The TV has adopted so well to the modern era that their importance has remained the same.

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