What Educators Need to Know About Learning Differences in Students According to David Lougee Silver City New Mexico

May 7, 2020 3:15 PM ET

No two students learn the same way and understanding the differences is critical, according to David Lougee Silver City New Mexico.

Just as no two educators have the same teaching style, each student is going to learn slightly different from every other. No one understands this better than a veteran educator like David Lougee Silver City New Mexico. He believes that fine-tuning teaching methods to accommodate the different learning styles of the students is the key to being effective as a teacher and mentor. Here’s a closer look at what David Lougee Silver City New Mexico believes all educators need to know.

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico on Recognizing Different Learning Types

Although learning styles do vary from student to student, experts like David Lougee Silver City Mexico generally believe there are four basic types educators need to be aware of:

Linguistic learners instinctively use methods like note-taking, reading, and writing to gather or process information.
Visual learners respond to pictures, graphics, charts, and other images as learning tools.
Auditory learners learn best by listening, speaking, and interacting verbally with both teachers and peers.
Kinesthetic learners are hands-on people who learn best by doing.

Educators who wish to thoroughly reach all of these types of learners should employ teaching methods that allow for students to select the method that’s most natural for them (e.g. written text for linguistic learners versus hands-on projects for kinesthetic learners).

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico on Customizable Learning Content

Although the applicable school district will always have mandatory standards educational material and teaching methods must meet, educators can customize the learning experience for the individual by determining which students are either more or less familiar with the material. Some students won’t be familiar at all while others will have some experience, according to David Lougee Silver City New Mexico. Separating students into groups and fine-tuning the material accordingly can ensure all students stay properly engaged.

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico on Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

For a student to get the most out of the learning experience, it’s important that they feel at ease in their learning setting. David Lougee Silver City New Mexico suggests focusing equally on both physical comfort and emotional comfort. Educators should feel free to exercise creativity in building fun, engaging environments that help students get excited about learning together, as well as individually. The environment should also lend itself well to deep focus and keep distractions to a minimum.

David Lougee Silver City New Mexico is a superintendent and education expert with over 25 years of varied experience. He believes strongly in the role of the educator as a critical influence on students from every walk of life.

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