What Is Being Done to Stop Police Brutality in Jackson, Mississippi?

Feb 20, 2020 8:05 PM ET

Police brutality is far too common in Jackson, Mississippi and police departments have been attempting to implement various training and other codes into their regular routines to help reduce this high rate of police misconduct.

These new training sessions and codes of conduct have been established with the purpose of teaching officers how they should be utilizing their power and to penalize them for any behavior that goes against the Constitution. Being a law enforcement officer is a serious responsibility as all officers have sworn to protect the rights of those who live in the community. If an officer is found guilty themselves of violating these same rights they promised to guard, then they can face serious legal consequences.

In very serious cases of police brutality in the past, the officers have been taken to court and they have been forced to lose their position and even do time behind bars because of how serious the allegations were. Anyone who has been hurt by an officer or anyone who has had their rights stripped by an officer should get in touch with an attorney in Jackson, Mississippi to explore the options they have to come back out on top for their specific case.


What should I do after I am abused by an officer?

Every individual interaction with an officer is different and therefore will have a different legal avenue the victim should pursue. For instance, if an individual was hurt by an officer but there were no physical injuries present and they didn’t have much evidence to prove the actions of the officer, they may be better off filing a complaint to the Justice Department and to the relevant police station instead of trying to seek legal action.

However, if there are injuries after the encounter and a person has some evidence that the officer behaved irrationally then it is possible to take legal action against them. Of course, every situation varies and a professional who is well-versed in the law can give a person the advice they need to get the most out of their situation.

It can be intimidating to speak up against an officer simply because of how much authority they hold in society. However, it is important to remember that if a person fails to complain about the injustice they were forced to face at the hands of the officer they are enabling the officer to continue with this unacceptable behavior with other innocent individuals.

Police departments are taking some precautionary measures to train and encourage officers to behave justly with everyone they encounter on a daily basis but it is unclear whether these training sessions are having much of a result in their actions while they are actually on the job. Perhaps if the laws are changed to offer more dire penalties to officers who abuse their power, there may be a visible reduction in the cases of police brutality, excessive force, and misconduct by law enforcement officers.






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