What is Kratom And Is It Legal in Spokane?

Aug 7, 2019 2:55 PM ET

Kratom is a tropical tree found in Southeast Asia. Its leaves have been used for quite some time because of their medical benefits. Kratom is regarded as illegal in many countries. Thus people have to buy it online. Vendors sell it online in different packaging so that there are no legal issues. Sometimes it is sold in green packets labeled “not for human consumption,” whereas sometimes it is sold with proper packaging.

How do people use kratom?

Traditionally people would eat kratom and chew its leaves. Now people prefer to take it in powder, capsules, and pills. Some companies even sell kratom plants so that users can grow kratom leaves in their own house. People who are marijuana fans like to brew kratom in desserts and coffee even. If you want good quality kratom, you can get it from kratom crazy at affordable prices.

Are there any serious health effects?

Kratom has not been proven by researchers as a drug that can be used to treat anxiety. No concrete evidence supports it, but still, many people use it all around the globe. Some of the serious health effects of kratom are:

Increased urination
Loss of appetite
Dry mouth

Is it legal in Spokane?

Kratom is a very controversial drug that is banned in many countries around the world. However, some places have a cosmopolitan nature, which is why the selling of marijuana and kratom is very popular there. Spokane is a city in the state of Washington DC, so the laws of the state are applied in every city. You will be surprised to know that kratom is legal in the state of Washington, so it is legal in Spokane too. Buying and selling of kratom online are also easy. All you need is a credit card and the exact requirement in your head.

Marijuana is legal in many American states right now because of its medical benefits. However, you need to be of the legal age to buy it. If you are 21 and above, only then can you buy kratom, since its use is not allowed to teenagers and young kids. However, keep in mind that the state has a limit on the sale and purchase of kratom. Too much intake can be very damaging for the body and thus lead to addiction. So if you try to buy kratom with a fake ID, you will immediately get caught. Some pharmacies that sell kratom often require a doctor’s prescription if you want to use it as a medicine.


There is no escape from the fact that kratom has many medical benefits. The only thing that matters is the amount you are using. Stress and anxiety can be healed with the help of kratom, but the excess of anything is bad. So if you want to use it for an older age patient or yourself, always consult a doctor first. Spokane is a cosmopolitan city, so natives are at liberty of living their lives on their terms.

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