What is the fate of Ethereum in the year 2019?

Mar 21, 2019 1:45 PM ET

For many years Bitcoin has ruled the cryptocurrencies, and it has been the most valued cryptocurrency. The difference between Bitcoin and other currencies is so extensive that it almost seems impossible for other cryptocurrencies to catch up to it. 2019 could be the year that can change the fate of Ethereum and increase in the value of Ethereum which can make your investment in the Ethereum worthwhile. The value of Bitcoin will not decrease, but it might stay at the present rate. Bitcoin is an old currency so the technology on which it is based is also old and this scenario makes lots of potential for the Ethereum. If the present condition of Ethereum is considered, then we can see that the amount of development being put in the Ethereum is more than the Bitcoin.

The development of Ethereum

The effort being put in the Ethereum will increase its value because its technology would be much more advanced. Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum is used much more extensively in the transaction between companies, and it is serving more like cryptocurrency. The app developers that are currently developing apps for the cryptocurrency are focused on Ethereum making it more profitable in the long run. The smart contracts use Ethereum for the transaction which makes it more valuable, and it is the reason for the increased value of Ethereum.

The pioneers of cryptocurrency

When it comes to being the top of the line, Ethereum is not considered the inventors which degrade its reputation. Such degradation makes the Bitcoin much more favorable, and many experts have speculated that it could be the reason that Ethereum would never be able to surpass the Bitcoin. Experts have also thought that the value of Market Bitcoin will keep on growing along with Ethereum. Such growth in Bitcoin will ultimately increase its market cape. Despite all that, it can be speculated that the future of Cryptocurrencies is bright. The return rate of Cryptocurrency will be quite high making the investment all the more profitable.

What to expect in 2019?

2018 was not a favorable year for Ethereum when compared to the Bitcoin, but its value was still getting higher compared to the fiat currency. That being said the value of Ethereum could increase much faster compared to the previous year or it can remain the same. It is unknown what the market value of Ethereum would be at the end of 2019. The price of Ethereum could increase to an unpredictable level, or it can keep on growing at the same pace. The adoption of blockchain is rising with each passing day which can help in increasing the value of Ethereum. Putting aside all that the worth of Ethereum cannot be predicted precisely in the year 2019 but whatever the cost is the chance of loss is not likely to happen.

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