What is the importance of Air Cargo?

Feb 24, 2021 7:58 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 24, 2021  2:58 AM ET

Air cargo is one of the most important trade facilitators in the world today. It contributes immensely to global economic development. It has already created millions of jobs in many different countries from all around the world. The global economy is highly dependent on the ability to deliver a lot of high-quality products at competitive prices to all customers worldwide. Air cargo can transport more than $6 trillion worth of products.

Air cargo contributes to carrying some important shipments all around the world. It facilitates the supply chain of automotive parts, mail, foodstuff, flowers, electronics, medical supplies, airplane parts, horses, livestock, jewelry, and any other important shipments. Air cargo delivers a reliable and fast shipping process for all customers. All shipments can be delivered to anywhere securely with low risk.

Types of Air Cargo

When we are talking about air cargo, we should understand both types of air cargo. Two different types of air cargo are available on the market today. They are special cargo and general cargo.

General cargo includes any high-value goods, such as jewelry, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, electronics, etc. Most of these goods have high margins that can cover the expensive cost of air shipping. The air shipping service will be more expensive than the sea shipping. You will be able to find this type of service offered by many airlines from all around the world.

Special cargo is another type of air cargo that you need to know. This type of cargo requires some special conditions for transporting the items, for example, certain air conditions, temperature control, and also protected casing. In most cases, the special cargo items may include livestock or hazardous items. They need to be in special conditions during the shipping process, so they can stay in a good condition until they reach the final destination.

Benefits of Air Cargo

a. Fast delivery

If you want to know the importance of air cargo, you can take a look at this benefit. Sending any items via air cargo will be much faster than the other shipping methods, such as via trucks, ships, trains, and any other shipping methods. People usually choose air cargo because the items can be delivered to the destination in a few days. Air cargo is suitable for sending any perishable items which only last for a few days.

b. Eliminate the needs of warehousing

This is another benefit that you can get from the air cargo. It will accelerate the goods flow from the production process to the customers. Many business owners want to ship their items to their customers via air cargo because they can reduce the need for warehousing their items in stock. Every procedure in the air cargo can be done quickly and efficiently. Cargo inspection, customs clearance, and also cargo handlers will be handled immediately. Most cargo items can be cleared within a few hours.

c. High level of security

Air cargo is chosen because it has a high level of security. Airport safety controls are usually done over cargo items. Every procedure will be managed tightly for ensuring the safety of any items shipped via air cargo. Tightly managed control will also reduce the cargo exposure to any damages or theft. If you want to send any items to any destination safely, you can consider using the air cargo shipping method.

d. Lower insurance premium than the other shipping method

Air cargo usually has short transportation time. The cargo will arrive at the destination in a few days. Therefore, the insurance premium for this method is usually lower than the other shipping methods, such as via sea, trucks, trains, and any other methods. Even if the air freight cost is more expensive than the cost of other shipping methods, it will be more beneficial for you to consider using this air cargo service for sending items to many different places.

There are many other benefits that can be offered by professional air cargo providers. They are also working with some public organizations and governments from all around the world, so they can keep the global economy growing well. Keeping cargo service growing will boost the economy in many different countries from all around the world.