What Some Insurers Are Doing to Assist Customers During Covid-19 Pandemic

Nov 16, 2020 11:44 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 16, 2020  6:44 AM ET

While some businesses are hanging on by a thread, others have had no option but to close their doors for good. People all around the world are facing the reality that the worst is not over yet. There are still tough times to come.

Banks are reaching out to their clients, offering relief in the form of payment holidays, or decreased interest rates. What are insurance firms doing to take care of their client base during COVID-19? Let’s take a look.

Decrease in Premiums

In the case of motor insurance, smart insurance firms know that most people are not driving around in their cars much during the outbreak of the deadly virus. In light of this, they are reaching out to customers to let them know that they are there.

Big insurance companies, and some smaller ones, too, are reducing the premiums their clients pay to give individuals a degree of financial relief during these uncertain times.

Companies differ, so you need to check online or by phone into your insurer to see if you’re eligible for the reduced rates.

A Freeze in Payments

Many automotive insurance companies have cleverly let their customers know that no driving around equates to zero premiums owing. It makes sense, because if the driver is not operating the vehicle, then no accidents can happen.

Keep in mind insurance coverage for theft and fire, though, and don’t let these slip through the cracks.


Several insurance companies have decided to give back. Their action has been and continues to be, a refund to clients. This puts cash back in people’s pockets, allowing them to buy essential goods that they’re struggling to afford.

Insurers understand the pressure society is under, and have made the bold move to open their vaults and refund payments received. Amounts may vary, and certain conditions might also be applicable.

It’s advisable to make contact with your broker or insurer to confirm the details. Registered brokers can also help you to make sure that you’re currently getting the best deal based on what you can afford, believe those at https://www.brokerlink.ca/insurance/car/ottawa.

Keeping Staff Available to Assist With Claims

Over and above the unexpected financial assistance these businesses are giving back to the public, these generous organizations are aware that, in some cases, claims still need to be processed.

There’s a need to have staff available from insurance firms, in case there are business-related procedures that need to be taken care of. For that reason, many insurance companies are committing to remain available to their customers.

Some are allowing staff to operate from their homes. In contrast, others have put the necessary protective measures in place to allow workers into controlled office environments so that they can attend to clients’ needs.


Trusted, professional insurance firms are revealing their true colors by giving back to people when they need it most. It’s refreshing to see how industries are pulling together and giving back to communities, individually and as whole units.