What the future has in store for Denuvo?

Mar 8, 2019 2:30 PM ET


Denuvo is an anti-tamper technology and also works as a digital right management system. The system is developed by the Austrian company of the same name. The initial release of this technology took the world by storm and gave a hard time for the people cracking this system. The game based on this technology always encrypts and decrypts which makes the cracking of games difficult. Denuvo was deemed unreachable in the initial days of its release. For the time being, the developers thought that they had finally found a solution to the problem of Piracy. Everything seemed to go smooth until Chinese group named 3DM released their first crack for game Dragon Age Inquisition.

The protection of Denuvo

After the release of the first crack for a Denuvo replied that every game gets cracked eventually. The said that their goal was to prevent cracking as long as possible because games sell most of its copies in the initial days of release. After the release of Just Cause 3, the crackers give up on it as the game was using the updated version of Denuvo. For a year games seemed unbreachable, but soon the Denuvo was nullified by the crackers. Each new update has given a hard time for the crackers. With the release of every new Denuvo’s version, the cracking of game time was severely affected giving games more time to sell the PC version of it. However, some recent titles that were released with the latest version of Denuvo have turned the tide for the company. Games such as Metro Exodus and Far Cry New Dawn were cracked a few days after its release. All the new games with the latest patch of Denuvo are being cracked faster than ever before. This scenario is a massive setback for the company as many game developers are questioning its effectiveness.

Demise of Denuvo

The cracking of new path in such a short time is an enormous disappointment for the Denuvo as many developers might start to distance themselves from the system. Denuvo also effects the performance of games as small as it might be the performance issue is there. Many of the ligament game users are already complaining about this issue, and they would not want this set back because they are the legit users. The game developers would not want to implement a system that is not effective which could ultimately impact the behavior of a legit player. Some of the game developers have already skipped the use of Denuvo protection. The DRM protection system that was effective for a few years doesn’t seem to work anymore. Warez groups already know the basic of Denuvo system, so it is now easy for them to crack video games. If Denuvo does not make changes to its system, then it might completely lose the support because the developers would not want to pay for an ineffective system.

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