What type of Japanese is used in anime?

Aug 22, 2020 11:15 AM ET

Japanimation is hand drawn and computer animation or animated cartoons emerged from the Japan and it is a 1980’s blend of japan and animation . Japanimation is also known as “Manga” and “Anime” (derived from English word animation)and Jap-anime. In 1990’s the Japanimation was replaced anime and sounds old fashioned and less commonly used now among the animes online fans. In Japan Anime( japanimation) is used to refer all types of animated media. It was also used to differentiate Japanese animation form the animation of rest of world because it had unique style. Anime comes not only for children or kids but people of all ages.

Anime history

Anime started from the beginning of 20th century before the films the japan was already famous for colourful sketches and painted figures. The animation was generated by Oten shimokawa and he is also known as the father of anime. In the 1980 the anime become main stream in japan and did the great business by popularity of anime. Great kanto earthquake destroyed many productions in Japan in 1923. Animators of japan did effort at that time to bring anime up to standard to compete the level of world by introducing cel animation, sound and technology such as multi-plane camera. Maskova created first talkie anime released in 1933.

Popular animations

The first animation film “Les Exploit de Feu Follet” confirmed and shown on 15th April, 1912 in japan by Emile Cohl. It was the first two-dimensional animated film in Japanese cinema. Astro boy was the first animated series played on the television. Dragon Ball Z played across the world and got so much popular you can say it is the most popular anime of all the times. The Cowboy bebop (1988) is another popular anime of japan. “Naruto” from 2007 to 2017 played as most popular anime series. Doraemon is another most popular animes online series of all the time and played across worldwide. The first Doreamon story was presented in January 1970 by Fujiko Fujio. Doreamon was played as anime show in 1979.

Progressive anime

First color anime was produced by the Toei animation and mushi production in 1958. It was released in US in 1961. Horus: prince of the sun(1968) was the first animation which is the beginning of break of normal anime to progressive anime in Japan. The film Akira (1988) sets the record and went to become international success. Most of anime are now streamed on popular online watching sites and apps like Netflix and Amazon prime videos and liked by the people of all ages.

Video games based on anime

There are several video games based on anime like Pokemon is a very famous game around the globe and it is an anime based video game and Pokemon TV series is also well known. Pokemon was first launched in 1996. The king of fighter is also an anime based video game and it was very well known in the whole world. Anime king of fighter gave the idea of video game.

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