What You Need to Know About Foundation Repair

Nov 3, 2020 2:07 PM ET

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It is easy to fix water damage in your bathroom corner, especially when this is visible and in front of your eye all day long! However, when the damage is affecting your home’s foundations, it might not always be so apparent. And when you have learned to distinguish the signs of such an issue, you should not wait to call a professional.

Indeed, foundation repair is essential to restore the level of safety and livability of any home. Here is what homeowners should know about damages to their properties’ foundations and the best ways to address them.

Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pexels


Damages Can Happen Because of Your Home’s Age

While you might have checked your home’s foundations when you bought the property, you should not forget that the older a house is, the more likely it is to be subjected to damages. Indeed, in the past, concrete was mixed with lower quality materials that have turned out to be not as durable as the ones used today.

So, if you live in an older home, you should be conscious that your property’s foundation might soon be affected.

Regular Checks Can Help You Prevent Damages

We always tend to forget about the foundations of our home, but they constitute the most important structural aspect of any building. And, foundation repairs are at their most useful when implemented as soon as the damage happens. Indeed, foundation deterioration can cause much more extended damages that are challenging or impossible to repair. Regular checks are the only strategy to implement to prevent further damages!

Know Your Soil to Understand the Risk

Understanding the soil composition around your home is essential. Indeed, even the highest-quality materials used to create concrete are not immune to the effects of water damage and moisture. So, understand what the characteristics of the soil around your home can help you have better expectations about when you need to speak to a foundation repair professional.

Waiting Too Long Can Be Dangerous

Foundation damages and deterioration can represent one of the most significant health and safety hazards for the whole family. Indeed, if the foundations of your home are not secure, the rest of your home is not! So, you should call a professional if you have noticed signs such as:

  • Cracks
  • Disjointed bricks
  • White powder detaching from joints
  • Fragments of the wall falling off the bricks
  • High levels of humidity

No homeowner should underestimate the hazard involved with deteriorating foundations!

Immediately Consulting With a Professional Is Paramount

Minor issues with your home foundation can be repaired by a professional within short timeframes. Indeed, if the damage has not spread, it is easier to find an efficient local solution. However, if a great part of your foundation has been affected, you might be facing much lengthier and costlier processes! Get in touch with an expert foundation repair company such as Pinnacle Foundation Repair and start assessing the quality of your family’s home foundation. A phone call can help you establish a safe and comfortable home for the whole family!