What’s the Scoop on Kratom and Is It Legal in Guam

Jul 30, 2019 12:50 PM ET

The use of Kratom has only increased with time. Many people use it to treat opioid addiction and many use it as a pain killer. Its users have linked many benefits to its use. Hundreds of people have reported that Kratom has helped them in one way or another. You will find many online reviews telling you how this substance changed their lives. It is, however, still illegal in many States. Dozens of reports have been published on Kratom since it became popular in the United States a few years ago. Let’s have a look at what the latest news and users have to tell about it.


Does It Have Benefits?

Kratom is generated from a tree mostly found Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These and several other Asian countries have been using it for medicinal purposes because of its morphine-like effects. A wide range of alkaloids is found in Kratom, with Mitragynine being the most active of all. The Mitragynine creates an opioid-like effect on its users; that’s why many people use it as an alternative to Opioid. According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, even a small dose of Kratom produces stimulant effects. Users have reported that it makes you alert and social for one or two hours. Many people also found it useful for stress relieve. All that aside, FDA still hasn’t approved Kratom, and it is illegal even in Thailand.


What are Its Side Effects?

While a lot of its users don’t tire praising this drug, 236 people registered their complaint to U.S. poison centers after using it. Its defenders claim that the mind of an individual and the quality of the product plays a vital role in how it affects the user. They believe such incidents could be the fault of the retailers who sell counterfeit drugs.

One of the most popular online store of this substance, Kratom Crazy, sells only lab-tested Kratom to avoid any unfortunate incident. As the use and the individual attributes are also an important factor, it may cause nausea, agitation, constipation, liver damage, and loss of muscle coordination.


Why is it Illegal?

Most states have allowed the use of Kratom for people over the age of 18. There are, however, a few states that consider it dangerous to use. These states include Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. It is used in Micronesia including its territory Guam, but its legal status still hasn’t been clarified by the government. FDA hasn’t approved it, and DEA has started cracking down on it where it’s a controlled substance.

They gave the reason that an overdose of Kratom can cause death because it might be contaminated with opioids. According to a report of the CDC, 199 people fell sick because of the use of this substance. FDA has further advised everyone to avoid all products that contain Kratom. As long as the FDA reports say this substance might be harmful and deadly, it can’t be fully legalized.


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