Where Does Instagram Stories Stand?

Mar 4, 2021 6:56 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 4, 2021  1:56 AM ET

Introduction: Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are used to share pictures and videos of the Instagram users on their Instagram which is visible to the followers of the Instagram account user and sometimes only to specific users when user allow. Like the other apps WhatsApp or Snapchat, Instagram Stories are disappeared after 24 hours. Tools like Viralyft can be used to get more story views.

What Should You Know About Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a best way for people to get closer to the audience to share their exciting news about their business, or introduce your latest products in order to promote the business. If people want to make worthy connection with their customers, publishing video content on Instagram Stories is much helpful.

As long as you desire to share simple or short video clips or interactive content, Instagram Stories is a real revolutionary part for both small and large businesses alike. After the introduction of Instagram Stories, these have become a good source of providing video content that can be inspired quickly.

Instagram Stories Statistics Make Sense:

If we take a look at carry a survey for some Instagram Story viewer, then it come to know that there are many content marketing strategies are developed due to Instagram stories. There are some Instagram statistics of recent days that will help the people to make a preparation for their story content.

How Many People Use Stories Every Day?

Instagram now has approximately 1 billion active account users and among those 500 million of people use Stories to watch and post daily. Instagram Story viewers have appreciably increased day by day. As its user figures are increasing, people can suppose more users to jump on board with the Stories trend of daily. If people are thinking about whether Instagram is a stage worth investing in, these numbers should influence them and it is an effective option.

Instagram Users Discover New Brands and Products:

Instagram is a place where people introduce their brands which can make a huge impression for consumers. There are about 83% of active users discovering new brands and products on Instagram, and publishing the posts and stories which can help you to considerably increase brand awareness and conversions. Users are now looking to be motivated by Instagram content with their purchasing decisions, and as a marketer, you can make visual and video content to help users explore products and services.

People Should Use Stories As Well As The Post Content:

Instagram Stories are the best way to engage and connect with the more audience easily. To include Story content in the marketing strategy which can help to enhance the overall engagement rates, and make a high level of trust. In fact people wants to publish videos, images, or interactive content like polls, as Story content can emphasize the brand messaging.

How Many Users Create Instagram Stories?

There are 86.6% of Instagram users which use stories. However, only 36.6% Instagram users watch Stories as compared to the others about 63.4% which are viewing posts.