Where to Buy You Christmas Presents for Bargain Prices

Dec 25, 2020 5:26 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 25, 2020  12:26 AM ET

Seems like every year, the shopping rituals for the holiday season become more tiring and demanding. If you’re dreading the credit card bill that may come at the end of this December, you’re not alone. However, this year there are some nice opportunities for anyone wishing to save themselves the trouble of stressful holiday shopping – and on the way maybe even save a penny or two.

While COVID-19 has brought so much negativity into our lives, one of its few positive consequences is that it definitely changed the way we shop. Consumers have become more aware, and retailers have had to change the way they do things, in order to adapt. We’ve gathered some options for you if you’re looking for a different gift-giving experience this year.

Supermarkets and grocery stores

This may come as a surprise to you, but the place where you buy your frozen vegetables and canned goods may just be the right place to look for Christmas presents. How come? Since most stores have been forced to close down on and off, according to different restrictions, these food retailers have decided to take advantage of the fact that they were open all throughout and to start selling some other products as well.

You’d be surprised at what you can find at your local supermarket today.

As a result, you can now go to some of the larger food retailers near you and buy things that are not considered necessities: Fashion apparel, small furniture, electrical appliances, hardware tools, and so on. While this is a bit unfair toward the smaller stores which could not stay open, it can certainly benefit you now during Christmas shopping. Oh, and let’s not forget the comfort of buying holiday gifts and groceries for the week at the same time and place.

Online stores

Let’s face it: A majority of the commerce sectors have made a shift to the World Wide Web years ago, with less and less people opting to physically go to a store in order to buy goods such as TVs, board games, kitchen gadgets, perfumes, and many, many more products. However, with the pandemic in our reality, a whole lot more can be bought online – for much cheaper.

One recent surprising example is the rise in online sales of sneakers. Yaniv Bar, owner of the successful online sneaker store YankeeKicks and the virtual marketplace SnkrsDen, explains: “People have understood, even before they were told to stay at home, that you can buy shoes more comfortably through the internet. Deliveries arrive quickly and if you don’t like it, you can easily get a refund. Even the prices are much more attractive online since the seller doesn’t need to shell out money on a store and on everything that goes along with it.”

This is how people are buying sneakers today.

Facebook Marketplace

We know this doesn’t sound like the most ideal place to buy Christmas gifts – or any gift for someone you care about. However, Facebook’s Marketplace doesn’t necessarily mean ‘used’ items. A lot of the stuff on there is bought but never used, making it as good as brand-new products but a whole lot cheaper. Of course, there are disadvantages to buying off of Facebook, like no warranty, but it’s worth a glance – you may just find some hidden treasures there for extremely low prices.

What will Facebook think of next?


This goes against everything capitalism is based on, but it may be time for society to tone down on Christmas consumerism. If you miss the days when you didn’t need to spend so much time, energy and – most importantly – money on gift buying, you’re not alone. Especially now, with economic uncertainty that is a result of the virus, it may be wiser to make something nice and creative instead of rushing out to spend money.

What will Facebook think of next?

Clearly, we’re not talking about assembling an iPhone on your own. However, if you were thinking of buying a sweater for a loved one but you have a sense for knitting – why not make one instead? A lot of people, out of jobs due to the virus, have more free time than usual on their hands this holiday season, so that may be an ideal solution for them.