which departments should be involved in creating content?

May 8, 2020 9:49 AM ET

How to design your content marketing strategy

Until now we have talked about positioning your business to be different and have something to communicate. And that positioning is going to be the one that gives us the key to generate content that can be shared on the Internet. Whichever channel you choose: social networks, corporate blog, email or mobile. And of course, your own website as a company, and know about which departments should be involved in creating content?



The company website has been, until a few years ago, the main point of contact with the client. And although it is still important and must have a quality appearance that reflects who you are, it is increasingly losing weight in communication strategies (except in B2B environments). Your contact with the client should be made by looking for him on different platforms, rather than trying to direct him to your website. “What brands are looking for right now is to be able to connect. Since we know that we cannot control the content, because once you launch it, the audience makes it their own and transforms it, we try to be part of that ecosystem to influence how people perceive our messages, “adds Yashim Zavaleta, director of the agency Hotwire.


which departments should be involved in creating content?

How do brands try to be present in the Internet conversation? In addition to advertising campaigns (video, networks, etc.), generating content that connects with their audiences.

When we talk about content we are also referring to street marketing and similar actions, created exclusively for sharing on the networks. “Since everyone can publish, what counts is the ability of organizations to give visibility to their editorial actions. It should be borne in mind that there are no longer captive audiences, but rather intensive users of digital media whose attention is dispersed across numerous channels and devices, “explains José Luis Orihuela, professor at the University of Navarra and author of The media after the Internet, for Who: “Content marketing is based on understanding the needs and consumption patterns of users to deliver messages in the most effective and personalized way possible. The basis of the strategy is to understand the tasks,


which departments should be involved in creating content?

“The blog is a part of content marketing. But, in the end, content is everything. It is any type of piece, whether it is written in a blog, in a Facebook post or in a video posted on my website to explain something to my users. It does not need to be the product or the brand, but many times they are things that the brand likes, that it wants to share with its audience because they are related to its personality,” explains expert David Virgili.

which departments should be involved in creating content? The answer is clear, this expert gives us here one of the main keys when developing content: you should not limit yourself to exclusively talking about your company and your products, but you should make an effort of creativity and think about topics that may be related to your target audience. Do you remember what we said at the beginning about what are the values ​​of your brand? Those questions that we proposed to you for topics that identify with your company and may interest your clients are the ones that will give you the most keys to developing content.

“The idea is to go back a bit to the positioning issue. If you know yourself very well, you can associate yourself with many other things around you. In the end, it is to look a little for everything that we have in front of us and that often happens very quickly and we do not catch it, make the most of it to link it to our brand in the most appropriate way, without making communication mistakes, of course, because if not it is understood. We must take advantage of it for everything that is very similar to the personality of our brand and to be able to relate it to it”, explains David Virgili.


which departments should be involved in creating content?

“There are companies that do it very well and others that do not believe in this. They think that they always have to talk about them so that people know what they are doing and try to continually cast the brand because what they want is an immediate ROI. And it must be made very clear that, normally, content marketing strategies are more long-term and are used above all to generate brand image. For example, a firm that understands what this is all about is The North Face, which makes some spectacular ski videos. Obviously, their products are visible in them but it is easier for people to share that striking message, than another in which they only talk about how beautiful their products are,” says Virgili.

Another idea is to associate with other brands that are also related to your target audience. “For example, The North Face does joint sponsorships with Red Bull, with Volvo and Audi… It can be a spot, it can be a video, it can be a simple photo, it can be anything. As long as they are attractive and do not speak directly about the brand and its products,” he concludes.

Content Marketing Platform

We have talked about the best content marketing strategy as the title suggests, and we have given you a clear sketch about which departments should be involved in creating content?

For a successful content marketing campaign, it is very essential to have a team of experts, or you can say a combination of great people with tremendous experience in content marketing.

Like you will need SEO expert, content writer with the understanding of search engine optimized content, social media expert, email marketing experts you have countless options for your campaign.

For the visibility of the company, it should have social media handles for the company because social media is playing a vital role in a successful journey of a company, as we all are aware of the power and strength of social media platforms for social media marketing.

You can post a simple content in the form of video or share a link of your blog on your social media handles, but it is not as easy as it sounds you will gather a team to do the real social media content marketing for the growth of your firm.

We believe you have found the answer with the understanding of content marketing, and it is clear now that which departments should be involved in creating content?