Which Network Has the Longest Life for a Piece of Content?

Apr 20, 2020 12:19 PM ET



The question, which network has the longest life for a piece of content, is complex as each social media network has a different lifespan for its posts. The bulk of material you share on social media sites is substantially short relative to your forum posts, long-form documents, and whitepapers on your website. But a limited lifespan will not necessarily lead to a poorer valuation. Find the life cycle of social networking posts on any major channel and check out how you can expand the social presence of your company.

So, Which Network Has the Longest Life for A Piece of Content or How Long Content Lasts on Each Channel?

 While you will still find old Facebook messages, content on social media does not remain on the radar as long as the majority of other kinds of assets are available. When most media activity occurs in a matter of hours, each medium has the typical life cycle of rising.

To understand which network has the longest life for a piece of content, we need to discuss each, separately. See how each of the social networks is graded.


Snapchat content does have a shorter lifetime. Snaps normally last just 10 seconds, and can almost immediately be lost in the streams of your fans. Snapchat posts, by contrast, have even more longevity, with an average 24 hours life cycle.


Usually, when posting material on Facebook, it stays for five hours and the average article gets about three-quarters of its overall contribution. Plateau impressions in half of the period, like most articles, earn 75% of their impressions at a period of 2.5 hours. Facebook algorithms may have a huge effect on the lifetime of posts, which is how long the material usually remains in the non-chronological newsfeed of the site.


The content you post on Instagram is much longer than those posted on Facebook. The typical lifespan of Instagram material is 48 hours, with most articles attracting 75% of their cumulative feedback. Although attention appears to fade away after 6 hours, with most posts earning half their overall feedback, studies have shown that some of Instagram’s best-performing posts require approximately 12 hours to build traction.


On Twitter, if you have ever spent a few minutes, you’re aware that this site pushes its users with new content. It is not shocking that Twitter content has an average of 18 minutes in a shorter lifetime.


The pins of Pinterest can appear within weeks or months of user feed when you initially posted it if it applies to a user’s quest. The half-life of a pin is nearly three and a half months, according to WebpageFX.

The Pinterest Network Has the Longest Life for a Piece of Content

The pins of Pinterest are practically timeless, compared to posts of other social networking platforms. Pinterest is above all other social platforms concerning longevity. Superior pins can still be used for a year or longer, rendering this site a wise gamble on long-term social participation, making it a social media network that has the longest life for a piece of content.

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Add-on: How to Improve the Lifespan of Your Social Media Content

Up till now, we have learned about which network has the longest life for a piece of content, now we will move ahead. We should take action to ensure social content lasts for longer than we might have expected. There’s no excuse, after all, for your ordinary social stuff. Use these five techniques to extend the life cycle of social networking posts.

1.  One of the easiest ways to give your social media updates a longer presence is to exchange positive stuff with your fans. You need a marketing plan to achieve this, which involves quality blog posts to inform and convert your audience, high-level marketing which creates brand equity and gives your audience added value, and social media that connects and encourages conversions.

2. Take the time to create clear communications of powerful calls for action (CTAs) each time you post branded content. Tell them precisely what you should do to maximize your performance rate if you like your mutual friends to chat, react, read about or purchase a product.

3. Though you ought not to fail to duplicate your best content, you should not automatically post the same message again and again, especially on certain social platforms. You may need to match the content with sites such as Instagram and Facebook to prevent annoying fans, however, in the shorter lives of other posts, you will replicate the same post to extend content existence on Twitter.

4. Share the content for the best results in a variety of ways. With the best outcomes, add a link to the newest Infogrammes one day, then submit a link to a blog add later in the week. Make sure that you establish a special link between targeted posts on each website and a growing community of followers.

5. Even if you don’t know which network has the longest life for a piece of content, you can still take advantage of platform-specific resources to make your post last for a long period. You can suggest uploading videos straight to Facebook instead of adding a YouTube link to your brand-new video. The research found that native video is 10 times the degree to which you would transmit a video link.

6. Posting at the correct time improves the odds of communicating to the fans and maximizing your content’s lifespan. Of course, posting at a period when your followers are not participating will carry the longevity of your content far below average. By comparison, publishing as the community is interested and shares or reviews most definitely will help to improve the viral engagement and make it relevant further.

7. Analyze the collective perceptions of growing media network to decide when the fans are more involved. Then schedule your content to post at certain hours and track the success of your content closely to connect with your audience and prolong your content’s life.