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Feb 20, 2021 3:38 AM ET

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Online wig vendors are widely available on the internet, yet, the quality and categories of goods they are selling can differ significantly. Increasingly more wig users are considering online wig shopping as the primary way for them to get new wigs, in the trying times, these days. However, no everyone is thoroughly familiar with the features of trustworthy online wig vendors. This blog will dive deep into the heart of wholesale wig vendors, and try to illustrate the key features of a reliable wholesale wig vendor by using the example of incolorWig.

What makes a good online wholesale wig vendor

Here are several key features that potentially indicate the credibility of an online wig vendor. Firstly, to be a qualified online wig vendor, a wide range of wig-related products shall be available on the official website. This includes but is limited to wigs of various cap designs colors and textures. incolorWig, with the commitment of providing customers with high-quality wig products, offers a wide range of different wigs. Whether you are looking for headband wigs, T part wigs, U part wigs, fake scalp wigs, or wigs of other cap designs, incolorWig has them all. Besides, the color choices available for wigs featured on the official website of incolorWig are also worth mentioning. You may find almost any of your targeted colors, not only colors such as blonde, black, brown but also colors such as ginger pink, burgundy wig, and highlighted wig( combinations of different colors). This is why incolorWig meet the first criteria of a good wholesale wig vendor.

Secondly, good wholesale wig vendors must have efficient customer service. For this one, it is believed that incolorWig did much more than offering efficient customer service. IncolorWig is one of the few wholesale wig vendors that have 24/7 customer services. incolorWig has a team of professionals who are dedicated to answering the need of customers; by providing them with promoting information about the wig industry and knowledge that would make them experts in wig handling. When it comes to online shopping, the virtuality of the cyber world makes some people oversensitive sometimes. Whenever they feel as if something went wrong, they would start to worry about whether they are involved in a fraud incident. In many cases, it turns out they were just being oversensitive. To solve this widely existed problem, helpful customer service is necessary. It is during scenarios like this that shows the values of customer service of online wholesale wig vendors. What incolorWig would do in a similar scenario is give customers the most up-to-date shipment information and keep them updated about their wigs. Therefore, incolorWig perfectly meets this criterion for being a good online wholesale wig vendor.

Thirdly, professionalism would also determine if an online wholesale wig vendor is good or not. In the incolorWig case, the vendor sells only mink hair wig products, which means that all of the available products from incolorWig are made out of extremely high-quality human hair. Hair harvested from healthy young female donors of a particular age group. This ensures the quality of all harvested fibers which is the only affecting factor of how natural looking wigs could be. Professionalism can always be noticed in the processing of harvested fibers. Several cutting-edge technologies are adopted during the processing process to ensure the production of the best wigs. Furthermore, the different categories of wig-related products, available on incolorWig, also serve as an indicator of the professionalism of it. Thus, the professionalism of incolorWig in the wig industry, especially human hair wigs, is undoubted, which explains further the reasons why incolorWig is a reliable wholesale wig vendor.

IncolorWig top-selling product showcase

The burgundy wigs worths your attention, it is probably one of the most budget-friendly high-quality hair weave made of 100% human hair available on the entire internet. It is available in almost all hair types( Brazilian human hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, and Indian hair) and different lengths (stretching from 14 inches to 24 inches). These traits make this hair weave the best for all customers because the versatility of the hair weave satisfied any expectation one may have for their targeted hair weave. Do not underestimate the quality of the hair weave. The competitive price has nothing to do with compromised quality. The reinforced double weft is another reason which indicates the high qualities of this hair weave. Such technologies give the hair weave an unbelievable life duration of more than 12 months, which avoids frequent replacement of hair weave and the excessive cost that comes with the replacements. Furthermore, the body wave texture of the hair weave, a type of deep waved hairstyle that pairs well with many outfits and face shapes look gorgeous and natural.

If you are interested in wigs, there are so many of them waiting for you at incolorWig. This, ginger wigs might give you a taste of them. Available in the length range of 12inches to 24 inches, this wig has been among the top-selling wigs for quite some time. The reason for it lies in the frontal section of the wig. This wig carries a layer of the fake but well-made scalp at the front which served the function of cover and hides your hairline or potentially different-colored original hair perfectly. It is a machine-made and hand-tied wig of 150% density, and with an average-size cap of 54 centimeters to 58 centimeters. This wig comes with a breathable and elastic cap and adjustable bands at all four sides. The wig is pre-plucked and comes with baby hair.

Lastly, headband wigs are also quite popular. For instance, the blonde highlight wigs are among the most chosen wig list. For customers who are looking for a human hair wig that can be easily installed. These wear-and-go designed Headband wigs will be the best choice. This is highlighted headband wig features both the fashion factor that is an asset for wigs and the time efficiency in terms of handling, which is rarely seen when it comes to human hair wigs. The wig pairs well with any headband and it requires limited maintenance. It is truly the wig designed for the “lazy girl.”

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