Why Can Online Tarot Readings Change Your Life?

May 11, 2021 5:50 PM ET


The future is uncertain, and it is this uncertain and unknown future that worries most people. Anxiety about the future keeps them awake at night, and often it even hinders them from achieving their goals. People feel lost and require a gentle push to remind them that they are on the right path. Tarot readings can become that push. They try to answer questions about someone’s past, present, and future by interpreting the cards.

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding this practice, mostly because people expect to know exactly what the future holds. No form of divination can claim to tell the exact future. How tarot card reading helps is that it gives hope to the hopeless, comfort to the distressed, and peace to the anxious. It directs people to the right actions that may help in sorting through the clutter and confusion of life. Sometimes, it also serves to reassure people that they are on the right path.

People who feel overwhelmed by life’s trials and tribulations can find some balance through tarot card reading. Tarot readings also serve to assuage our curiosity by giving some answers about our past.

But, even with so many benefits, tarot card reading remains a very underutilized gift. This is because finding a genuine tarot card reader among so many scam artists is very difficult. Most people prefer online tarot card readings to find a tarot card reading near them because of the many scams and frauds.

But, finding an authentic tarot card reading website is a tedious task according to helpful resources prnewswire.com. Hardly anyone has that much time in their fast-paced lives. In most cases, people don’t have the expertise to judge a tarot card reading expert properly and end up being scammed.

Psychic-experts.com has reviewed each psychic and tarot card reading website to cut through the clutter and find the most authentic and dependable ones. It has examined their claims to sort out the genuine ones by going through hundreds of websites. The evaluation has been carried out based on various parameters to include only the best websites. Their top 4 best-reviewed websites for online tarot card reading are mentioned below.

But first, the basics of tarot card reading, why it has the power to change lives, and what are the pointers to remember before consulting a tarot card reader.

What is tarot card reading?

Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy, i.e. using a deck of cards for divination. The Rider-Waite tarot deck is the most commonly used one consisting of 78 cards. Twenty-two are Major Arcana, and fifty-six are Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana signifies major changes in one’s life, while the Minor Arcana is related more to one’s day-to-day life. The symbolism of the cards is different for different tarot card readers. The interpretation also differs depending on the client’s circumstances.

There are different tarot card reading methods. Three-card reading and The week ahead are basic spreads. In a three-card reading, there are three cards representing past, present, and future, while in The week ahead, one is supposed to pull seven cards and attribute a day of the week to each before turning them over.

History of Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards were initially used for playing games in the mid-fifteenth century in Europe. But, come the late 18th century, according to  this useful resource these cards began to be associated with divination and fortune-telling. Many associated the cards with ancient Egyptian Theology. Antoine Court de Gébelin, a French clergyman, was the most famous believer in that theory. He even published a dissertation on the origins of the symbolism in the tarot 1781.

Jean-Baptiste Alliette (Etteilla), a French occultist, became the first to issue a tarot card deck specially curated for occult purposes around 1789. It comprised themes associated with Ancient Egypt because many believed that such cards were derived from the Book of Thoth.

Many in Europe still use it for playing games. In most parts of America, tarot card reading is used for divination.

Why does online tarot card reading have the power to change lives?

Tarot card readings provide spiritual guidance. They can become the guiding posts to help people find the right track in life again. Tarot card readings cover almost all aspects of life, financial woes, relationships, love, friendships, career, business, future, health, life problems, etc.

Tarot card readings are more concerned with the ‘how’ than the simple yes and nos of issues. There are tarot card readers who provide yes/no tarot reading, but most questions have more detailed answers than that. It is better to ask how a certain issue can be solved than to inquire whether it will be solved or not. People’s actions and choices play a huge role in shaping the future. Hence, a yes/no answer can be fallible.

Tarot readings help make sense of the present circumstances to help people decide the course of action they should follow to better their circumstances. It gives clarity and often leads to improved focus on one’s goals and aims in life. It can also act as validation that someone is on the right path for achieving their goals.

Online tarot readings help in giving one a better understanding of their true selves and, in some sense, be therapeutic for those in distress. Tarot readings are also useful in realizing the meaning of those elusive gut feelings and intuitions that remain hidden due to limited verbal abilities. One fails to express those feelings accurately, even to one’s mind, because of limited verbal abilities.

Tarot card readings also help push people to finally make the big decision they were dreading or help affirm their beliefs.

The advantage of online tarot card readings described at prnewswire is that it is convenient and accessible. Many places lack authentic tarot card reader parlours. Also, with offline readers, word-of-mouth is the only parameter to judge the person’s credibility. This is only possible if one is aware of the tarot card reader’s client list, which is not true for most cases. Online tarot card reading websites provide user-generated star ratings and reviews, which help the customer know whether a certain tarot card reader is suitable for their needs or not.

Moreover, tarot card reading is not much affected by the online mode. Genuine psychics can read energies from a distance. A phone call or video conferencing platform can give the same accuracy as an offline session.

It allows the convenience of getting a tarot card reading session at home. A face-to-face tarot card reading session can feel intimidating for newcomers. Online tarot reading seems a more comfortable option for them to open up and express themselves freely. An online session is also more feasible for sceptics who wish to test before actually trying it out.

Due to the multiple benefits associated with it, online tarot card reading is gaining in popularity as more and more people resort to it to find balance in life.

Things to remember before consulting an online tarot card reader

For an online tarot card reading session to be fruitful, some guidelines should be followed. Often, people go unprepared, making the tarot card reading difficult. Tarot card readers are not superhumans. They require people to specify their needs and give information about their situation to make an accurate reading.

The following guidelines will help in having a productive tarot card reading session.

People should go with an Open-mind

People should approach these sessions with an open mind and expect to be surprised by the readings. Tarot card reading helps in providing new perspectives, and a closed mind or scepticism defeats the purpose of a tarot card reading session. A tarot card reading guides people in the right direction. One has to be open to listening and embracing new ideas before attending the session.

People should come Prepared

Before consulting a tarot card reader, it is very important to identify one’s needs and requirements from the session. People should prepare the questions to which they seek answers. For an accurate reading, it is important to communicate to the card reader what one wishes to learn from the session.

Questions on why something is happening do not prove to be very helpful. Instead, how can one rectify, solve or achieve something is a better question.Yes/No questions can also restrict the reading and may not be very insightful. People can ask yes/no questions, but the answers might not be what one is looking for.

Questions also help give a structure to the tarot card reading session and direct it to the most pressing concerns of the person.

One should remember that fate can be changed

A tarot card reading is not a cent per cent accurate. Whatever the reading, people have the power to change it, so it is important not to have a fatalistic attitude after the session.

If a reading affects one negatively, they should remember that fate is not set in stone and can always change depending on one’s actions. One has the power to change his or her destiny. A tarot card reading may serve to caution people, but it should not be used as an excuse to not work on having a better life.

One should note down or record the session to remember the reading

It is difficult to remember everything said during a session. It is always advised to note the predictions or record the session so that one can remember what was said and implement plans or bring changes accordingly.

One cannot understand the significance of the reading immediately

It takes time to understand the meaning of the reading truly. As things start to unfold, the significance becomes clear. So one should wait and be patient instead of trying to interpret everything immediately.

The Death card does not always mean doom

The death card does not always mean death or doom. It usually signifies transformation. It may be positive in the sense that it can mean renewals. Similarly, the devil card sometimes signifies temptations that one is finding hard to conquer.

People should be forthcoming with information

Many people are hesitant to share details, maybe because of scepticism or they don’t feel comfortable right away. It does take time to open up, but one should understand the more open someone is with information, the more accurate the reading is.

A tarot card reading session as reviewed at westword.com is a conversation regarding the issues one faces. If the reader gets a detailed description of the issue, it helps them in interpreting the symbols more accurately. If someone underlines what they are feeling and what they want out of the reading, it makes the tarot card reader’s job easier.

What to expect from the first tarot card reading?

The reader tries to put people at ease

In the first session, the reader is approachable and friendly to try to build a rapport with the person and put him at ease. It helps in getting over the initial nervousness.

Conversation with Personal Questions

The reader’s interpretation of the cards depends heavily on the information given to them. Hence, they try to have a deep conversation, including personal questions, to understand the issue better. It is advised to choose a tarot card reader who has a similar vibe so that it is easy to open up.

The Best sites for an online tarot card reading 2021

The following websites have been ranked as the top sites for an online tarot card reading after careful evaluation and unbiased review of their services, features, ease of use, and value for money.


Kasamba has experience of over 20 years in the field, which adds to its credibility. According to the most reliable fortune tellers review website, heraldnet.com ,  Kasamba website has maintained the balance between professional and personal with an easy-to-use structure. Transparency is their biggest plus point as they have listed all the tarot card readers along with user-generated star ratings, reviews, and the consultation price up top. The customer knows exactly what he will be charged per minute, and this removes the chance of a scam.

The makers have prioritized customer satisfaction. People get 3 minutes of free consultation every time they connect with a new tarot card reader so that they can find the best match for themselves. They also have a satisfaction guarantee plan to refund up to $50 if someone is not satisfied with their first reading. Below tarot card reading, questions regarding what is it and how it helps have been addressed, which shows the thought put into making the website a user-friendly one.

They have a dedicated sorting tool to filter out the best tarot card readers according to people’s needs and budgets. The different categories include top-rated advisors, new advisors, and price filters. They also have a hide busy advisors feature. If the psychic is at a reading, the website mentions that as well. Additionally, they also feature a ‘notify me when available’ option so that clients do not miss out on their preferred tarot card readers.

All these features cement Kasamba’s position among the top online tarot card reading websites in 2021.

California Psychics

California Psychics streamline the process of finding the perfect psychic to suit one’s needs by curating a Psychic match tool. The tool finds the ideal psychic that matches one’s needs after asking a few questions.

People can sort tarot card readers by popularity, topics, ability, tools, styles, experience, and pricing. They also have a feature that informs how many tarot card readers are available at a point in time, how many are busy, and how many are offline.

Complete transparency has been maintained regarding the prices, total readings, topics, style, and abilities of different readers.

All the psychics mentioned on their website go through a rigorous screening process and detailed background search to sieve out scam artists and fraudsters.

They have a satisfaction guarantee plan as well as a dedicated customer support team. The customer support team is available in Australia, India, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, and the UK. They also have a number for callers who are from countries other than the ones mentioned. They also feature high-quality articles on tarot card reading. It is clear that the makers have paid attention to every detail to ensure top-quality customer service.

According to this website, California Psychics is ideal for people who have difficulty in finding the right tarot card reader for their needs. It makes psychic searching a smooth and hassle-free process. Their attractive pricing packages add a competitive edge to their services.

Rigorous screening, transparent operations, dedicated customer care team, and competitive pricing packages have deservedly earned California Psychics a place in this list.

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics has been providing spiritual guidance through psychic and tarot card readings since 1999. They have one of the best website designs, which makes it very easy for new users to navigate through their website.

Testimonials lend authenticity and credibility to the online tarot card reading service. They also have a get matched feature that asks a few questions to find out the ideal psychic for different requirements.

Keen Psychics understand the scepticism that comes with tarot card reading; hence they provide 3 minutes free for new customers so that they can try the service before investing in it. The free minutes allow new users to understand how impactful the advice can be. It gives them a glimpse into the clarity they can receive if they attend a tarot card reading session.

To familiarize users with the practice, they have an entire section dedicated to the history of tarot card reading, questions that can be asked to a tarot card reader like What can I do to find more balance in my life? How can I attract the right relationship for me? What can I do to get out of the rut I’m currently in so I can move forward? These questions help new users get some idea about the questions they can ask and expect to be answered in the session.

Keen psychics mentions the specialties, skills & methods, background as well as languages spoken by the tarot card reader. This helps in finding out if the tarot card is suitable for a particular requirement or not. More about keen tarot readers at this helpful resource

One unique feature includes a phone number provided by them to help people connect with their advisors or manage their accounts when they are away from their computer or internet connection.

This brings in inclusivity and convenience, making Keen Psychics one of the top-rated online tarot card reading websites.

Psychic Source 

Psychic source prioritizes customer service; hence their 24×7 customer care team attends to all needs, worries, and demands, whether it is finding the right tarot card reader or managing an account. The customer care team patiently solved all queries and also provides tips, recommendations, and information about Advisors who work for Psychic Source.

Even though it is difficult to be a cent per cent accurate in tarot card readings, Psychic Source has a satisfaction guarantee plan so that users feel comfortable in investing their time and money.

Each tarot card reader has a detailed profile describing their specialties, tools, reading styles, customer endorsements, years of experience, reviews, star ratings, regular schedule, and appointments.

They have an interactive find a psychic tool that matches people to their ideal tarot card readers to make the process of deciding on a tarot card reader smooth.

Their experienced tarot card readers and round-the-clock customer service make them one of the top online tarot card reading websites in 2021.

These four websites have made a name for themselves in the field because of their authentic tarot card readings, transparency, and various features geared towards giving customers an insightful, hassle-free tarot card reading session.

Psychic-experts.com goes through multiple psychic websites to find the most authentic and reliable ones. It helps in saving time spent on finding the right psychic. It offers the best advice to its readers regarding online psychic help. Psychic-experts.com also compares the features provided by each website to find out the ones that give the most value for our money. Their unbiased, objective, and honest judgment make it easy to find genuine tarot card reading websites online and get the best service from them.

They maintain editorial independence from the websites they review, which makes their list credible and trustworthy.

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