Why I Love PC Gaming?

Nov 6, 2020 2:27 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 6, 20209:27 AM ET

PC gaming is almost as old as the PC. With the evolution of the PC hardware and graphical interface, the gaming industry is almost closed to photo-realism which can give PC gaming’ a more real-life look than ever. Though the console offer cheaper prices and some good exclusives but most of the games are being released on PC make the console nothing but a secondary gaming device. But, I am not here to bash consoles because I want to talk about why I like PC gaming? You may have your thoughts so I am going to talk about my interest in PC gaming.

Black Friday Sale

One of the best thing about PC gaming is that weekly, monthly, or seasonal gaming sales that isn’t something we see too often with the consoles. Though SONY or Xbox offer sales they don’t offer much free games on the other hands, On PC you can get AAA to indie titles, at great discount on black Friday sale as they have put a huge sale on their games and some even provide free games after once or two days.

Multiplayer Games

Companies like SONY will charge after a month if you are going to play online. On PC, you can enjoy multiplayer games without any hassle because you can enjoy playing it free without any issue. Some PC users have also created their gaming server after getting affordable hosting from sites like https://www.thewebhostingdeal.com  and can create their custom gaming servers and manage on their own which allows users to enjoy multiplayer gaming without any interruption.

PC Is Multi Tasked

With a console you can enjoy media apps but what you don’t know that once you are done with this you will get bored even with the latest play station console. However, PC can be used for official documentation, video editing, and watching media and for several other purposes, the PC is used so PC has much to offer than any other medium.

Better Game Play

Games releasing on are featuring a wide range of gaming peripherals from gaming keyboards to mouse. If you are an FPS player especially online then you will understand the importance of gaming accessories such as mouse and keyboards. Most of the gas supports 3rd party controllers but they don’t offer the required performance and game play experience. The games like COD and sniper elite require precise aiming which can be achieved by a mouse so I would support PC games because consoles don’t support keyboard and mouse.

Moding and More Moding

Moding is a way to customize the games that give you infinite opportunity to change the game from custom mapping to the player’s skin. Altering vehicles to adding vehicles, you can mod infinitely. If you don’t know about moding then just download and upload or install it in the game and enjoy it. It gives the player huge replayability to play games from Skyrim, oblivion to GTA, and many others. It makes PC gaming a place to enjoy.