Why is Python so popular?

Sep 16, 2020 11:50 AM ET


Web development and digitalization need to work in tandem. Python is a language widely used for fast prototyping and building highly scalable web development or web applications by technology leaders like Google. Python language is an excellent option for people who have just entered the IT sector in web development.

What is Python programming?

Python is a high-level, object-oriented, general-purpose, and interpreted programming language. Guido van Rossum developed it in 1991. Python is not only good for building micro-projects for macro web enterprise services and for supporting other kinds of programming languages. We enjoy many mobile and web applications today because of Python’s abundant libraries, various frameworks, vast collections of modules, and file extensions. It is easy to learn, emphasizes readability, and reduces maintenance costs and time for the programs.

Reasons why the Python course is popular in 2020?

Python language is getting famous day by day by reducing difficulties, and also the freedom to work in different fields of programming in the IT sector. With over 8 million developers, Python is one of the most popular software languages globally (according to Slash Data research). Why Python language so popular consequently? Let’s understand below:

#1 Data science:Two main factors make Python a popular science computing programming language: the incredible ecosystem; and a large number of database feature packages that can speed up and simplify data processing, thus saving it time. According to Forbes, 2.5 bytes of quintillions (one quintillion = one Exabyte = 1018) of data are produced every day in the world by the rapid and extensive data production. It is necessary to have Python skills in data science.
#2 Machine Learning (ML):Python is the preferred language for ML. Python language helps the developers to minimize the time on solving ML problems. Developers can access many Python code libraries for easy use. Forbs said that by 2024 Python is expected to grow to $20.83B on the global market for machine learning.
#3 Web Development: Many web developers prefer Python as it has a strong emphasis on readability and efficiency when compared to other languages such as Java, PHP, or C++. Python language is very versatile and creates robust code. Use of Python has various advantages in Web Development like Enterprise Application Integration, use in Prototype, Server-side scripting, Portability and Interactivity, Open-Source Perks, and Asynchronous Coding.
#4 Automation:If Python finds an application in automation, you can save a lot of time. Python language is easy to learn and enables companies to modify scripts for automation and save time. You can learn how to automate your routine tasks with Python. This language gives a cook-book for both developers and non-developers that can automate almost anything from PDF files, startups, emails and voice mails, calendars, and the organization’s file types and folders.
#5 Simplicity:Python is an easy-to-understand simple language. It is a key component behind what developers want to work on it. A new developer can quickly learn Python. For this reason, people prefer to use python language in different fields and applications.
#6 Strong library support: Python has many important libraries that make it easy to develop. Programmers don’t need to write all the code from the beginning, but can only import a library for complex tasks. Python has libraries for Machine Learning, Data Science, and Cybersecurity. Some of the popular libraries are Numpy, Tensor flow, Keras, and Scikit-Learn.
#7 Active communities:Python has many active programming communities around the world. Members can access coding problems and the solutions offered by other developers. These communities provide programmers much support during the development of new applications. They can discuss with other community members regarding coding challenges and find effective ways to deal with them.
#8 Generators:Python-specific generator is a function that returns a generator iterator. If you know how and when to use them, you’re incredibly helpful. In other words, generators are the best way of processing large and complex data sets. Python language will deal with everything related to Python generators and will provide examples of power generators.
#9 Computer graphics:Python Computer Graphics is used in any field where users have to process 3D data, whether they are of any kind or type. Therefore, Python’s high language is widely used for visualization, virtual reality, photorealistic images, and even games.
#10 Portable & Extensible:Python is the best portable language for competitive programming. If you have the windows python code, you can run it on a platform like Mac, Unix, or Linus. Without any modification, you can do so. Programmers can also flawlessly, and uninterruptedly run python code on any platform.
#11 Great corporate sponsor:Python much supports when a programming language has a corporate sponsor. Google has been using Python for many platforms and applications since 2006. There are various guides and tutorials for Python. Python contributes a growing list of supporting tools and documents, at least in the development world, and provides free language advertising.

How to start a career in Python?

Qualification & certification required to do Python:

Any person who wishes to become a Python developer should initially be a graduate in any one of the academic qualifications: Graduate in science, computer science, physics, and Business Management. Many institutions offer offline and online Python language. They offer live training classes, mock practices, live project works, and self-study tutorials.

Python course will help you master Python’s basic concepts and its libraries like SciPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Num Py, Lambda functions, and Web Scraping. The course helps candidates learn how to write Python Big Data Programming Systems like Spark and Hadoop.

Candidates who acquire a Python Certification course can start with the following roles: Data Scientist, Machine learning, Python Web Developer, Python Developer, Business analyst, and software Developer.


Python frames have always been its stronghold. The language of Python in the last three to four years has grown considerably. The reasons mentioned above make the Python programming language in demand nowadays. The Python language is customizable. It is worthy of learning Python nowadays.

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