Why Rena M. Margules Recommends Walks In Nature While Social Distancing

Jun 15, 2020 5:15 PM ET

As COVID-19 creates uncertainty throughout the country, social distancing is one way that people can help prevent the spread of the virus. Rena M. Margules, a part-time real estate manager in Lawrence, New York, understands how important it is to get outside in nature when trying to find some normalcy in everyday life.

Walking In Nature

Even if you aren’t a trail runner, you can get plenty of benefits from going for a walk in nature. Rena M. Margules loves spending time outside, going for a long hike. Dealing with COVID-19 and social distancing hasn’t changed this behavior. As an avid outdoors person, Rena Margules knows that spending time in nature is good for the soul. No matter what your fitness level, a good walk in the fresh air will promote a sense of well-being.

Finding Places to Hike

If you are getting ready to head out for a hike, there’s no shortage of outdoor space for you to enjoy. Be mindful of others, as social distancing requires that you remain six feet away from people at all times. While some area parks might be closed, nature trails are often open to give people plenty of places to go for a hike. Check online before you head to your favorite spot if you aren’t sure what is open.

Grounding Yourself in Nature

Rena M. Margules recommends spending time in nature so that you can feel more grounded. Consider finding an area that has a small brook or waterfall. Sit in a quiet place and do some meditation. Rena Margules knows that when you take time to ground yourself, you have an easier time dealing with the stress around you. If you can’t go for a long hike, take a ride and sit at a bench while looking out at some water. This can help you feel more centered, relaxed, and ready to deal with anything that comes your way.

As the Weather Gets Warmer

Swimming is another great way to stay in shape and enjoy nature. Rena M. Margules is an excellent swimmer and enjoys keeping fit through swimming. As the weather gets warmer, there will be opportunities to swim outside and take in the surrounding nature. Even with social distancing, it is possible to spend time at a lake and avoid crowds. Rena Margules hopes that the summer will bring fewer restrictions on social distancing, allowing others to spend time by the lake with family and friends.

No matter what challenges COVID-19 brings, Rena M. Margules plans to ease her stress by spending time outdoors. Rena Margules will continue staying as active as possible and will enjoy nature whenever possible.9098


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