Why Should You Engage a Live Band in Singapore for your Event

Oct 31, 2020 5:56 PM ET

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When you come to think of a live band, what do you think of them? Some people say that they are people who are very talented in their field, while some others say that they give people enjoyment. Well, in our opinion, both of the above pointers are correct on describing a live band.

Live band Singapore musicians are some of the most hardworking people in town. They will be there early for soundcheck on their mics and work closely with the sound crew. Besides doing all these things, they will also ensure that they are in line with your event or your venue’s theme for the night, providing premium services to the clients that engaged them.

When a live band Singapore musician performs on stage, they will be naturally excited because of the glamour and the stage lights shining on them. They comprise of singers and instrumentalists who have spent decades in their lives working on improving their craft, all in the name of passion. They are some of the most insistent and passionate people around.

Working hard to make a living is one aspect of it, and the other factor is how does this craft fit into the market of consumers? How are they useful in terms of societal spending, and how do they improve the lives of people?

If the above-written questions are questions that have been bothering you, then you are in luck!

In this article, we will be exploring many reasons why you should engage live band Singapore musicians for your venue’s event.

Be it a live wedding band, a live band for Corporate Events, or you would like a live band for a party like birthdays, having live musicians to perform for any event will boost the atmosphere of the entire night. You will never regret this move when you have engaged one for your event or your venue.

Let us not waste time, and let us begin exploring what the real reasons on why you should engage the Live Band Singapore Musicians, which includes Singers and Emcees are.

1) Live Band Singapore musicians Professional Singers and Emcees

When we talk about professional musicians, we are talking about how they carry themselves when they are facing your guests, and when they are performing on stage.

If you have engaged a live band for your wedding, the singers on stage need to know what are the popular song choices that wedding guests would love to hear. Some of the familiar songs are songs by Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and even Chinese singers like JJ Lin. These are just some of the popular picks when it comes to wedding songs that wedding live bands love to sing to entertain your guests.

The next question is about how about live bands for corporate events in Singapore? The answer does not go far from a wedding. Professional live bands need to understand the theme of the night at your corporate event. There are many themes that we can have, for example, Hawaiian, Glamourous, or even Beach theme. A professional Live Band Singapore vendor will be able to decide what are the songs that best suit your corporate event’s theme.

For all that you see on the above, this is how we will judge if you have engaged a professional live band Singapore musician to perform for your venue or your event.

2) Live Band Singapore musicians create beautiful memories

Do you recall witnessing a live performance where people are dancing together with the musicians on the dance floor? Also, do you remember people having smiling faces and clapping along with the music that the musicians are singing on stage?

These are some of the reasons why live bands in Singapore are of great help to bring beautiful memories to guests from all walks of life.

Music is a common language among everyone, and it is one that connects people with memories. These are memories that people will create at their wedding or corporate event, and one that people will remember.

If you are hosting a wedding ceremony, you will want to make this as memorable as possible. For all you know, this is because this is going to be a once in a life time lifetime would like your guests to come in and feel the best, experience the best, and leave having the best memories of your wedding live band in Singapore. Can you imagine the beautiful smiles that will be created by your live band for your guests in Singapore?

How about a Corporate Event that you will be hosting in Singapore? Though it will not be a once in a lifetime event, it will most likely be a once a year event. For all that you see, this is an event that all your colleagues and bosses will be present at the event, and you certainly do not want to screw up this show.

A live band for your corporate event will help you in many ways like engaging your audience and getting them to dedicate songs. When you see the smiles and laughter on the faces of your colleagues and bosses, that is when you know you have planned a grand corporate event, and your promotion is coming very soon!

3) Live Band Singapore musicians are not expensive

If you are holding a wedding, how much do you think it will cost? It will be in the five-digit range, or possibly up to a hundred thousand dollars. Yes, weddings are an expensive affair, and you want to try to save as much as you can from every vendor possible.

Live bands for weddings are really cheap, and many will agree to go at the rate that is just slightly over a thousand dollars for a two piece band with a professional sound system. Are you shocked to read this price that we have just mentioned? We are not kidding you! Compared to all the other vendors you might want to engage for your wedding, this is by far the cheapest of them all!

The other one is for a corporate event. If you would like to engage live band Singapore musicians to perform for your once a year corporate event, you need to work within the budget that was given to you by your company. We all have infinite wants, but finite resources, and the same is true for funds.

With this cheap rate in mind, having a group of corporate events company Singapore musicians will undoubtedly fit the bill, as compared to getting other more expensive vendors like the magicians, jugglers, clowns and many more to count in. They are all a lot more expensive than what a musician or a live band will offer!


Planning for your event is always stressful. There are many events out there that you can plan, and some of the most stressful events include your once in a lifetime wedding event, and also your annual company’s corporate event. The smaller-scale events include but not limited to birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, farewell parties and many more! These are some of the different events that you can plan for and having an excellent relaxing time to enjoy the show.

With all these events in mind, politely need to have some form of entertainment. Entertainment can come in many ways, and the best of all entertainment comes with music.

If you are looking for a wedding or corporate live band Singapore musicians to perform for your wedding or corporate event, you can be sure to count on this company in Singapore called Musical Touch. They are also available for booking if you would like to engage a Wedding Live Band Singapore musicians for your wedding!

They are a highly established company with hundreds of google 5-star reviews written by their happy clients. They have been in business since 2012, and till date have performed for over two thousand events. These include weddings, corporate events, private parties and many more!

Planning for an event is always a big headache, and we hope we have done our part in giving you some benefits on considering to hire live band Singapore musicians for your event.

Trust us, and it will help you a great deal!

Happy planning!