Why Women Should Wear Suits

Dec 30, 2020 5:52 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 30, 2020  12:52 AM ET

A well-made, high-quality, suit can make you feel in control, powerful, and confident. All these emotions can link to the emotion of freedom. Suits do not have to be “stuffy” nor “boring”. This is true not only for menswear but for women too. Women’s suits have come a long way since they were first introduced into the fashion world in the late 1800s with French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt wearing one.

Why Wear a Suit   

Women wearing a suit can do two things for them. The first is that it can make them look and feel good. Thereby, increasing their confidence. And the other is that a suit can flip gender stereotypes. It is still seen as a statement when a lady dawns on a well-crafted suit. The statement could be how the lady feels. That she is in power and knows what she wants.

However, a suit does not have to take away from the feminine form. A woman does not lose her “womanness” due to wearing a suit. A well-fitted suit should be able to highlight her figure without going over-the-top.  This is where stylizing comes in.

What is a Well-Fitted Suit?

A well-fitted suit is an outfit that is not only limited to office others. These sets can be worn for social events, of Church gatherings. There are several Church suits for women that can also double as office wear. However, when it comes to finding a well-fitted suit there are certain aspects that you should look for. The first is that the jacket is flattering, modern and that it suits you.

The jacket must be comfortable as well as suit the shirt under it. The second aspect is what you would want to wear for the bottom: pants or a skirt. These will influence the silhouette of your outfit.  Therefore, you should choose what matching your shape and height. And the final aspect is shoes. Comfort is the thing in this regard. More than added height.

Overlooked Aspects of Women’s Suits  

The look of the suit is important. You can choose something that has a plaid pattern or something that is a solid color. However, while comfort is important there is another thing that is even more so: underwear. This can be overlooked by many women who have just started wearing suits. While this is not seen it can affect the silhouette of the suit. You want supportive underwear but that does not have visible undergarment lines and that does not “cut” into your shape. It can add to your professionalism as well as your confidence.

Ending Off

A suit with the correct underwear can make women feel powerful as well as confident. This is regardless of the styles, patterns, design if you go with pants or a skirt. Suits look good; they always have that is why men have been wearing them for years. If you look good, you feel good, and your work will be better. Plus, your social and Church gatherings will also be more fun in a well-fitted, comfortable suit.