Wicker deck furniture

Oct 5, 2020 3:18 PM ET

Oct 5, 2020 11:18 AM ET
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Figure 1: wicker deck furniture

Like many other categories, outdoor wicker deck furniture offers a wide range in terms of quality, price, how it is made, and what it is made of. If you want temporary furniture that looks good for a party, it doesn’t matter what you buy. Buy it for beautiful design and color. If you want furniture that will last, you need to carefully question what you receive before you pay for it. The word wicker itself is ambiguous. There are several words used when referring to this type of furniture that is confusing and sometimes imprecise. It is a good idea to know a few terms. Wicker to curve, the act of weaving. Weaving does not refer to a type of material, but rather to what was done with the material. Rattan: The name that refers to about 600 species of palm trees. The rattan furniture is said to be made of fibrous, wire-like material from these trees. Wicker deck furniture could be made of rattan. Rattan furniture is often made of reed, reed, seagrass or bamboo, rather than real stems from a rattan tree. All these materials are organic. This is a very general term often used to describe the wicker deck outdoor furniture made of polyethylene, resin, or recycled plastic. This means that it is intended for outdoor use, without worrying about temperature, sun exposure, humidity, rain, salt air, or snow.

To review, wicker furniture is an attractive, versatile category that can be very durable and enjoyed for many years. Real rattan furniture should be considered temporary. It will not endure the weather. Quality woven outdoor furniture is probably handmade and therefore can be more expensive than other sets. If you look at a woven set and it’s cheap, it’s probably cheap. It is made of vinyl, PVC, thin synthetic material, without UV stabilizers, the construction may be inappropriate, and the pillows are probably not Umbrella. If you look at a high-end set, you will know it. The quality will be unmistakable. Touch it and examine the materials. Get what you pay for there really are no shortcuts here.

Why we choose Wicker deck furniture:

Figure 2: wicker deck furniture

Wicker consequences from a performance of bending and weaving the material, such as rattan, paper, bamboo, other grasses or narrow woods, such as willow branches. You can personally identify these materials by taking a close look and noticing certain features. When the material is made of bamboo, it will be possible to see rings. When using tree branches, the revealing nature of the rough bark will be obvious. With proper care, the natural fibers of wicker furniture will continue to look neat for years.

Wicker that is formed using fibrous plant material is both light and strong. Because it is not particularly rigid, it must be woven around a frame. Luxury wicker deck furniture sometimes has durable teak in the construction of the frame. The lower cost furniture uses thick pieces of steamed rattan to make the frames. Rattan is an easy-to-grow material and is a popular wicker material. Natural wicker is a renewable resource, while plastic wicker is not usually biodegradable and consumes non-renewable hydrocarbons. Although natural wicker has the potential to be long-lasting, it must be preserved. Protection against the humid environment, destruction of insects, and dehydration are necessary to ensure the longevity of the product. Synthetic wicker deck furniture can have many quality features, such as rust-resistant and covered aluminum frames and materials for all weather conditions. The synthetic braid is made of polyethylene fibers, which makes this furniture maintenance-free and protects it from deformation and discoloration. Its synthetic fabric is able to withstand the sun and harsh weather conditions but still remain wonderful and durable for years. Outdoor graded pillows and recyclable PE wicker are searchable features.