Wireless charging, what is it and do you really need this?

Jan 24, 2021 6:33 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 24, 2021  1:33 AM ET

What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is all around for 100 years but it has been enhanced after iPhone X and iPhone 8 have disclosed their features that they support wireless charging.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 is supporting wireless charging which is the very first time in Apple’s smartphone series. Let’s further elaborate on what it is. How do we use it? How does it function and do we really need it?

How can one charge their phone without a wire?

Now, technology is changing day by day. As the name gives a hint that one can charge the phone without hanging by the charging socket. There is no need for charging wires to plug in the charger and device.

A new device has been introduced in the market which doesn’t need a wire to connect the charger to the device. It looks like a pad as we used to use in the past for keeping a computer mouse on it. Only to keep the device on the charging pad and automatically connect to the device and start charging the device without a wire.

Easy to adapt

As it has been mentioned previously that it is new to the market and it is easy to use so people are adapting to this change keenly. Most companies are converting their charging function to the wireless charger.


It is durable as one can charge the phone in the car without the tension of connecting wires to the adapter socket. It used to be hectic to keep a plug of the charger and charging cables in the car to charge the cell phone. Now technology has changed. You only need to fix a wireless charger in the car so it is easy to charge mobile wirelessly during a ride.

Now, in-car-wireless-charging is getting more trendy because of its higher level of ease. You can easily charge your mobile phones in cars but which wireless charger should you buy? And how does it work? Read more

How to use it?

For the use of a wireless charger, you need a smartphone that supports wireless charging and a wireless charging mat. You only need to place the device face up on the mat and it will start charging your device.

What do they look like?

These chargers are coming in various shapes and sizes. Some of them look like a mat, a pad, and a small disc. It is very cheap that one can buy it for only £10.

Speedy Charging

Are these wireless chargers fast? In most cases no, they don’t. Wireless chargers are comparatively slower than the wired charger which has the ability of fast charging.

In comparison to wireless chargers, some are faster than others but they can’t compete with the wired charger.

Is there any downside to the wireless charger?

As we have smartphones which have gorilla glass body or plastic body but the wireless charger doesn’t perform through the metal with current technology. People love cases but these wireless chargers don’t work through the thick cases.


Wireless chargers, no doubt, are performing great as they are easy to use but they don’t support the thickness of the mobile phone covers.  As cable chargers support fast charging so that but this is a minor con that can be ignored and still wireless chargers are in demand.