Wize Capital Review – Start Thriving in Forex Trading With Wize Capital

Jul 22, 2020 5:40 PM ET

Wize Capital Review

Technological breakthroughs that occurred during the 20th centuries helped establishing the concept of “online trading” and, in a matter of few years, growth in market participation increased manifold. The reason behind this growth was the use of personal computers which became more and more dominant and when combined with the internet connectivity technology, both evolved immensely. The overwhelming push towards online trading soon overtook the entire world. Today it is estimated that approximately 2 billion people are connected to the internet and the numbers are ever-increasing.

Foundation laid for Wize Capital

Internet has broken the geographical barriers and developed itself into a one-stop-shop where financial products and services can be availed by the customers. Now online trading has become a norm which has been able to get a reasonable share of pie with the offline trading and the traders are able to participate in online trading anywhere in the world and from any part of the world. This created the need of obtaining services of online brokers whose livelihood is dependent upon the trader who wants to trade online. Any intended trader who wishes to start his trading journey from somewhere should start his investing journey with Wize Capital. Why? Because it helps a trader to build an investing foundation for himself.

What is Wize Capital?

Founded by the seasoned and pioneer professional traders in forex, in a very less time, Wize Capital was able to make its mark within the community of online forex brokers and soon was titled as a “boutique” which caters the need of both, a beginner as well as a pro trader. It has some of the finest forex traders available in the market today, who are dedicated towards delivering the state of the art platform of forex trading to the customers of Wize Capital. It has acclaimed many awards which have been awarded to Wize Capital by some of the well-known organizations related to forex industry.

Wize Capital is committed to provide best forex trading products in order for the customers to maximize their returns on investment by allowing them to have unlimited access in the global financial sector. Since its inception, it has been able to successfully offer premium value added services for its customers which a trader will not be able to experience somewhere else. With the use of award winning platforms, a Wize Capital trader can conduct and execute trading transactions with ease and in a most efficient way.

Wize Capital is a diverse online brokerage firm whose foremost priority is fulfillment of goals and ambitions of its customers. Similarly a customer can use the award winning trading platform of Wize Capital which is specifically designed so as to enable a trader to optimize maximum performance as well as minimize the time in execution of a trading transaction. The team of expert analysts of Wize Capital is working tirelessly in providing comprehensive and insightful researches which can then be applied by customers in their forex trading to gain profits. It has developed and compiled educational tools and researches which are helpful for the customers to gain knowledge about the forex trading to their fullest capacities.

Why is it necessary to engage WizeCapital?

The basic questions that arise in the mind of an intended trader are, is it worth to become a forex trader or that can anyone become millionaire while trading in forex? Well the answer is yes but one may need to realize that money does not grow on trees. It is something which is hard to come by. You need to first reshape your thoughts, beliefs and ideals and then you must know at what you need to focus on and what you want to achieve. Instead of day-dreaming about earning money, you need to start your struggle to find ways and means to achieve that. You need to remember that time is more valuable than money. It is only then that you will be able to make millions and many have done it.

But before anything else, you need to understand what Forex is and how it works?

Forex trade is a kind of trading which involves exchanging of one currency with another currency for many reasons which may include for the purposes of commerce, business as well as tourism etc. The place where forex trading takes place is commonly known as foreign exchange market which is a global market where currencies from all over the world are made available for trading/exchange purposes. It is a trading product which cannot be compared with any other trading product. Currently forex is one of the largest trading markets where approximately over US$ 5 Trillion is the daily trading volume.

Because the forex markets in on trending and continue to attract a large number of traders around the globe, it has the potential of providing most lucrative opportunities of trading. Forex exchange markets are cash based but also offer futures, forwards, options and currency swaps. An interesting thing about forex market is that it remains open 24 hours a day and 5 days a week in which currencies are traded in some of the most influential and largest foreign exchanges such as London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Sydney.

However, irrespective of its gigantic size and its ability to provide lucrative trading opportunities, still Forex trading can be risky as well as confusing. This is because the forex trading is dependent upon the supply and demand factor therefore one should be very clear that the values of currencies may be subject to variation spontaneously i.e. decrease or increase, as the case may be. This is where Wize Capital plays its crucial part and helps its customers to trade carefully while ensuring that the risks are minimized and the changes of earning profits are maximized.

Role of Wize Capital in Forex Trading

Trading with Wize Capital is crucial for success in online forex trading industry. With Wize Capital a trader can optimize trading conditions so as to make most of it in terms of profit making. This is the reason why most of the online traders feel comfortable to trade with Wize Capital. The primary role of Wize Capital is to provide its customers ease of access to the global forex trading markets and help them learn when to trade.

Wize Capital is a regulated online broker who is fully complying with the laws and regulations and has been providing high-end trading tools, comprehensive research, industry leading learning and education as well as much cheaper rates than other online brokers. It is committed to provide great trading experience to its customers where the full-feature trading platform is free from any glitches and the highly trained customer support is a cherry on top. In the field of online forex trading, Wize Capital safely enjoys the first place as the best broker.

What makes Forex a unique trading product?

Expert forex traders say that if you understand trading properly, you will consider yourself a sniper, not a machine gunner. This means that when you are faced with a trading opportunity you cannot act like an errant boy but rather need to play smart and remain focused. You cannot allow yourself to invest in each and every forex trading opportunity. You have to develop self-restraint quality within yourself to let go a few ones otherwise you will lose all of your money at once. That is why Wize Capital stresses upon and emphasizes on its customers to aim for those opportunities only which are lucrative, risk free and above all ensure return on investment.

This is the reason why forex trading is a unique and distinct trading product and a trader can take part in forex trading through Wize Capital’s platform by signing up with any of the 3 different accounts which are all comprising of various benefits. Choosing the perfect account which suits a trader’s need is essential for enjoying the best experience of forex trading with Wize Capital. For the time being, Wize Capital has made available the following accounts which are all designed in a way to cater the specific needs of a trader: –

1.   Beginner

This is the first account type which can be signed up by an intended trader for a meager amount of Euros 250 only. In order to understand how the trading works and learn the basics of forex trading, as the name suggests, Beginner account is most suitable for beginner level traders. With this account a trader while exploring limited opportunities of forex trading in which not too much investment is required, a trader can also access top of the line assets.

Apart from having access to top of the line assets, Beginner accounts has two other very helpful features namely online live webinars and free daily market research reports. For those who are not aware of what live webinar is, it is a web based seminar in which live presentations can be accessed from where a trader can acquire relevant education for pursuing his career in more efficient way.

The aspect of having free daily market research reports ensures that the trader is fully aware of what is going on in the forex market and based upon this research data can draw up a strategy to make use of this activity in the forex market for earning profits. Of course when a trader of Wize Capital feels that he is now ready to go to next level, he can then easily switch from Beginner account to the next level account.

2.   Advanced

The next account type available at Wize Capital is the Advanced account. Advanced account is recommended for those who have successfully surpassed the beginner level and have gained considerable knowledge in forex trading. Traders who believe that they have become fully aware of forex trading and learnt the tricks of winning a trade, usually sign up with this account which could be opened for Euros 5000 only.

It has all the features that are available in Beginner account however there are few more distinct features which make this account a “must have” account for advanced traders. These distinct features are dedicated account manager, 3 live sessions, access to online academy and above all 3 months access to expert advisor.

The facility of having a dedicated account manager for the entire time plus access to expert advisor is a remarkable facility because at one hand you don’t need to worry too much because, even if you lack the expertise of managing a trading account, you have a dedicated account manager who will be managing the account on your behalf. While on the other hand having access to expert advisory can play the most important role for shaping up your future into a bright one because in trading business expert advices are crucial and can make huge difference when they are applied on time.

Similarly online academy is as important as any other feature because learning is something which makes a trader a successful trader. As a trader you need to make sure that you let the candle of knowledge lit at all times.

3.   Experts

The third and the last trading account provided by Wize Capital is Experts account which, as the name suggests, is for expert level traders who have loads and loads of experience under their belts and have overcome their fear. It is said that if you are afraid of taking risks in trading, you will not be able to enjoy the maximum profits and benefits that are contained in forex trading.

Expert account can be signed up for an initial deposit of Euros 20,000. It has all the features that are available in Beginner and Advanced account. There are also some next features which makes Experts account a state of the art account. These features include unlimited live sessions, unlimited access to expert advisor as well as complete access to Wize Capital’s live trading room.

As discussed above, the unlimited access to live sessions and expert advisory are essential tools to enjoy a better future, however, the unique and most glaring feature of Experts account is gaining the access to Wize Capital’s live trading room. When a trader is in this room he can easily see how the expert advisors and dedicated account managers are helping Wize Capital’s customers. Apart from that a trader can also look at how Wize Capital participate in the forex trading. This in turn helps the trader to learn forex trading from the perspective and approach of an expert trader.

These unique feature makes Experts account a very special account when compared with any other account available at Wize Capital.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

While the opening of Beginner or Advanced or Experts accounts is made convenient where no paper work is required, which could be cumbersome, and, at the same time, quite frustrating, similarly the method of depositing funds for taking part in trading activity, has been made equally easier. Wize Capital accepts deposits through multitude payments solutions which include deposits through card or debit card, bank wire transfer as well as other means of deposits such as UpayCard and Moneynet.

Similarly, since the funds lying in a trading account of Wize Capital is the money which belongs to the trader/customer, therefore, Wize Capital ensures that the trader/customer can enjoy the liberty of withdrawing the same at any time as per his will. The withdrawal is in fact just single click away which too does not require too much information to be given but, as a matter of fact, only the basic information is required such as name of account holder, account number and contact details and that’s it.

Availability of modern trading platforms

The trading with Wize Capital is entirely based upon and conducted through the use of high end modern trading platforms. These trading platforms are essential for conducting forex trade and are famous around the world amongst online traders. The platforms available for trading at Wize Capital are: –

·         Metatrader4

Metatrader4 is the most famous trading platform amongst online traders which is used to execute trading transactions locally or globally. Today it has become a benchmark in online trading industry due to its providing of extensive features that are optimized by online traders. It was developed in the year 2005 and can be used as a trading platform to conduct online trading in forex, stocks, shares, indices, commodities, CFDs etc. It is a downloadable program which has a user friendly interface and is equipped with the capability of allowing its user to utilize advanced analytical proficiencies, operability on multiple devices and comes up with features such as automated trading functions.

Wize Capital has made sure that its customers/traders are able to compete head-to-head with other traders and this is why the Metatrader4 has been made available for the use by Wize Capital’s traders to enable them to avail ample opportunities offered by it.

·         Web Trader

The second most popular trading platform of Wize Capital is the Web Trader. No doubt with the use of Web Trader the online trading has become easier and it has been developed for an easy access by beginner trader or an advanced trader. As compared with Metatrader4 it does not require to be downloaded but, as a matter of fact, it can be accessed online through any computer or through an internet based device and the trading transactions can be carried out from anywhere in the world.

Being a user friendly platform, it allows a trader to create customized signals and indicators, can offer variety of analysis tools and can be simultaneously used to trade in multiple trading products including forex, stocks, shares, indices, commodities, CFDs etc. Again Wize Capital has made sure that by using this high-end web based platform, which also does not require to be downloaded, the traders of Wize Capital can gain easy access to it and derive benefits from it.

·         Mobile Trader

It is said that technological evolution is the result of our own desires in an effort to lead a better and prosperous life. With what we were used to 10-20 years ago, has become obsolete today. It is therefore imperative and the need of the hour to upskill ourselves and recreate our world by coping with the technology and advancement.

Today, if not all, but majority of the world’s population possesses mobile phones which has taken the online forex trading industry to the newest levels. At Wize Capital a trader can easily download Metatrader4 in his internet connected mobile phone and take part in forex trading instantly. Wize Capital has made sure that through the mobile trader, quick, convenient and secured trading transactions can be executed without wasting any time.

Concluding Thoughts

Frankly speaking forex is an opportunity which simply enables a person to invest money in an effort to make more money. No doubt that forex provides an investment opportunity which has the potential of increasing your wealth therefore it is important for an intended trader to learn how to trade online and, in particular, educate himself so as to gain a fair amount of return on investment. These are the essential and necessary ingredients for becoming a successful trader and without these a person would not be able to many any money.

Since, online forex trading has unlimited potential of making lucrative profits, therefore, you must ensure that you do it the right way. Of course the right way is to hire an online broker of repute, who is at the same time has vast knowledge and expertise in the field of online trading, reliable as well as trustworthy and as we have learnt through this piece, who else is better than Wize Capital, otherwise the probability is certain that you will lose your investment. Someone has rightly said that trading in itself is not dangerous or pose any risk, what makes it risky is the attitude of the trader.

So become a Wize Capital trader now and gain your advantage in forex trading globally.


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