World first game subscription platform Apple Arcade

Mar 27, 2019 1:15 PM ET

Apple has unveiled its new gaming service named apple Arcade, and the service is different than the gaming services offered by Microsoft, Sony, NVidia, and Google. The services provided by other companies are streaming service while the service provided by Apple is not a streaming service but rather a downloading service. The games available on Apple Arcade will be exclusives and can be played on all iOS devices.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade will have more than 100 exclusive games at the launch, and more games will be added with time. The games available on the service will be exclusive to the Apple arcade and won’t be available on any other platform. The game will also not be available for the people who are using iOS but are not subscribed to this service. The games would be downloaded from the app store and can be played across all the iOS devices. The game can be resumed form the same moment where it was left in another device. The service would not be dependent on any ads, and all the features of games will be included in the service. The subscribers of service won’t have to worry about purchasing updates because they will be included in the service.

Features of Apple Arcade

During the introduction of their Arcade service, Apple showed many games that will be available on the service. Apple has teamed up with some renowned developers to bring games to the platform. The studios include Konami, SEGA, Cartoon Network, Lego and more. The most alluring part of this subscription is the availability of full games so you don’t have to worry about purchasing the DLC separately because they will be part of your subscription. The games could also be played offline so there will be no need for internet connectivity in case the internet is not available. The games available on Apple arcade will be free from the microtransaction making them all the more favorable. Now you won’t have to worry about other people getting ahead of you through the use of real currency. The mobile games currently available on different platform heavily rely on the microtransaction. 

The first mobile games subscription platform

Unlike Google’s Stadia Apple has shared most of the information regarding their new gaming service, but some essential parts have been left out during their presentation such as pricing of the service. Some of the details are still missing regarding the service, but we will get them in time. Compared to Google Stadia Apple has given more details regarding their service. However, this was to be expected because it is not a streaming service but instead require a subscription for the games. Apple has introduced the first mobile game subscription service which is a unique move that has not made by any other companies. During Apple Event, Apple also unveiled its Apple card, Apple News+ which is a news service and a streaming service name Apple TV+. The unveiling of four new services shows that Apple is trying to expand its business beyond electronics and software.

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