Your guide to the best Fishing trip Dubai

Jan 11, 2021 8:01 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 11, 2021  3:01 AM ET

People who wish to make the best of Dubai should surely experience the fishing trip here. Of course, when you think about Dubai, what comes to your mind first is the skyscrapers and the desert safari. But among the several hidden gems of Dubai, fishing is one such gem that you can surely explore while you are here. While you wish to explore a fishing trip to Dubai, there are some of the important facts and instructions that you should know in order to enjoy the trip at the best.

The Fishing License:

If you wish to go fishing in Dubai, you will need a fishing license. If you are someone who stays in Dubai, you may always get your fishing license and enjoy fishing whenever you wish to. But if you are a tourist, it is not worth to get a license just for the one-time fishing experience. In such a case, you can get in touch with several service providers who offer you the fishing experience. These service providers have a fishing license and they help you in legally in fishing without even when you do not have a fishing license.

The Places to Go Fishing:

Even if you have got a fishing license, that does not mean that you can go fishing anywhere of your choice. There are several areas in Dubai where have the access to the ocean but you cannot go fishing there. If you are caught fishing in these areas, you can get penalized by the authorities. Such a rule is made and implemented in order to protect the biodiversity of Dubai.

Apart from this, you should also know the best places for fishing so that you can have the best experience. Some of the best areas where you can enjoy fishing at the best are Al Garhoud Bridge, Jumeira, Al Maktoum Bridge, and others.

The Fishing Rules:

The authorities in Dubai are very strict about their natural resources and biodiversity elements. Hence, they keep on having a check on how people are fishing and whether the techniques are hampering the aquatic life or not. Based on these observations, the rules and regulations of fishing keep on changing from time to time. As per the recent rules, you are not allowed to use tools that disturbs or even touches the seabed while fishing.

Hence, it is ideal to check through and understand all the major rules and regulations of fishing if you do not wish to have any interruption in your happy experience. If you are a tourist, just get in touch with the best service providers and you can enjoy your fishing moments without much of a worry.

If you are not aware of fishing in Dubai, you have missed out on one of the best experiences in Dubai. There are so many amazing spots from where you can go fishing for some of the best fish varieties such as kingfish, tuna, sailfish, and others. Just get to know the rules and guidelines and enjoy fishing to your best while you are in Dubai.