Jul 14, 2020 9:25 PM ET

Founded in 2019, YourAutoMaster has been regularly updating car owners: both novices and fanatics, on car maintenance techniques as well as their top picks on car care products.

The website educates users with thorough guides on the need for, uses of and benefits of keeping your automobiles in immaculate condition. Thus far, there have been two updated buyers guides along with four product descriptions.

Their guides are directed towards the average car owner who would otherwise have to spend hundreds of dollars a year on paint jobs, rusted rims, and car washes. An example of their guides would be one posted on car waxes. It starts with YourAutoMaster revising the need for car waxes, followed by generalized selection criteria for car owners to make informed choices when it comes to buying car waxes.

Their grading criterion in product reviews for best car waxes is based on; ease of application, protection, and resistance offered, and the most long-lasting car wax.

YourAutoMaster focuses primarily on the need for preserving an automobile’s condition along with timely maintenance. Other guides include:

Protecting Your Car With Car Wax: A Helpful Guide
Chemical Guys Paste Wax Buyers Guide
Top Five Best Leather Cleaners For Cars 2020-21

Get in the habit of giving your car a regular wax or polish, and you’ll thank yourself later.

About YourAutoMaster:
Founded in 2019, YourAutoMaster is a website founded by car care fanatics looking for a way to simplify car maintenance for the average car owner. The website routinely features tips on selecting the best products as well as application procedures. Its primary focus is on providing car owners and fanatics with reviews on car wax brands and benefits plus applications of the sealant. YourAutoMaster has so far posted four user guides on car care, and four-car wax reviews.

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