Zack Singh of San Francisco On The Great Bicycling Boom

Aug 9, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Zack Singh of San Francisco remembers the summer of 2020 well. The Covid-19 pandemic was steaming across America, and it would take a year for scientists to develop a suitable vaccine and our nation to return to some semblance of normalcy.

During that nontraditional year, Zack Singh from San Francisco witnessed droves of families and singles, young and old, rediscover the enjoyment of bicycle riding. The reasons possibly ranged from a desire to avoid public transportation, or maybe it was a desperate need to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, while still remaining socially distant.

Zachary Singh Cycling

Zack Singh from San Francisco was not surprised to hear about the Great Bicycling Boom of 2020-2021. Here are interesting takeaways that he believes is fueling the current bicycle boom:

More bicycle lanes in major cities

Before the current nation-wide pandemic, urban cities took the stance “if you build it – they will come”. Cities like Portland Or, San Francisco CA, and Washington, DC are now considered bike-friendly cities.

The additional cycling infrastructure also supports clean environmental efforts and more people embrace healthy lifestyles, according to Zack Singh of San Francisco.

Increased bicycle styles for all ages

From electric-assisted bikes (e-bikes) for older adults to commuter bikes designed for city riding and mountain bikes that add off-roading excitement for young people, their is now a bicycle designed to meet every need.

Zack Singh from San Francisco attributes the cycling boom to new technology in frame materials, gear controls, and powerful GPS modules that give bikers the confidence to safely travel farther and with less effort.

Recreation for the entire family

Family bike outings have become the new way parents get to connect with their children. Zack Singh of San Francisco suggests not only biking with your children through the neighborhood, but you should also consider sightseeing by bicycle or taking advantage of bicycle rentals at local parks.

Even toddlers have special seat attachments to keep them safe while biking, and they can enjoy the fresh air while riding in a bike stroller.

The anxiety of public transportation

Zack Singh from San Francisco like many other city dwellers, realizes that there is a certain amount of anxiety right now for those who choose to use public transportation. The rise in bicycle sales has definitely been attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-21.

The benefit of so many people working from home means traffic has been greatly reduced. According to Zack Singh of San Francisco, now is the perfect time to explore commuting by bicycle to work, or simply using a bicycle as a substitute for your car when you need to make a quick run.

For Zack Singh of San Francisco, biking, hiking, and skiing have played an important part in increasing his quality of life. He suggests to anyone that has an occupation that demands long hours of sitting at a desk and looking at a computer screen to explore bicycling as a way to de-stress and recharge.

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