Affordable Hawaiian Luxury Lifestyle: Now may be the best tome to own a piece of it!

Mar 13, 2023 1:00 PM ET

So, you’re tired of drudgery of big city life and are looking for a change in lifestyle? Whether you’re from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, France, or London, England, the pressures of urbanization can get to you. It’s time for a change, and the Island Paradise of Hawaii offers great opportunities. From Honolulu luxury real estate options, to amazing homes in Kailua – they’re now available at affordable prices. All it needs is a willingness to own them!

Own a Piece of Paradise Yourself

Have you wondered what life could be as a year-around tourist, always soaking in the amazing weather, enjoying endless stretches of sandy beaches, and mingling among friendly locals? Well, moving to Hawaii gives you that opportunity – except that you don’t need to live in an Air B&B, a motel or an inn. Owning Kailua Homes, or a luxury beachfront property in Honolulu, is how most people are doing it…and so can you!

So, why would you want to own Hawaiian beach front properties instead just renting them? Well, there are countless reasons why, and here are just a few:

– Unlike the hub-hub of major metropolitan regions, there’s a marked “laid back” approach to life on the Islands

– The weather is great for most of the year

– You’ll never need to worry about congestion on the A219 southbound (London), traffic jams on the Boulevard Périphérique (Paris), or irate honking and diesel smoke on the Cross Bronx Expressway (New York)

– You’ll have all the luxuries of the big city – amazing healthcare, awesome shopping, social events, great governance, high-standard schooling for kids – without the stress and worry that comes with them 

The best part of owning luxury real estate Honolulu, or on islands like Kailua, is that you’ll never miss out on any of the amenities you’re now enjoying. From central heating and cooling, to uninterrupted electricity, hot and cold water, high-speed internet service, streaming movies and videos – it’s all under your roof. And, depending on the realtor you work with, what you can also insist upon – and can get! – is an amazing beach front view. And that’s something you can only get if you own a piece of paradise yourself!

Why Now is the Best Time to Move

With interest rates at 20-year highs, Honolulu luxury estates are now more affordably priced than at any time during the past decade or so. Sellers, fearing (needlessly!) that there’s an ongoing real estate “correction” imminent, have dramatically marked down their property values. And there lies the opportunity for farsighted buyers of luxury real estate in Hawaii.  

The time to seize those opportunities is now, because these ideal conditions may not last long. With governments all over the world looking to ease interest rates, property values will likely start rising too. The opportunity to own luxury real estate in Kailua or Honolulu is, therefore, now.  The reason to make that move is more compelling now, because of available stock. Once other prospective buyers realize the opportunity of a life time awaits them, stock will fly off the market quickly!

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