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Monica Ariyo MSN, APN, PMHNP Examines Chronic Pain Management Trends for 2022

Jul 12, 2021 4:00 PM ET

Monica Ariyo MSN, APN, PMHNP is a nurse practitioner with years of experience treating a variety of different health issues. She is mainly focused on chronic pain because this health condition affects so many unfortunate people. Over the years, she has tracked many innovations and has found that they provide high-quality benefits to many people. […]Read More

Naturopathy treatment for weight loss

Jul 12, 2021 2:22 PM ET

Naturopathy identifies the source of the issue & prescribing vitamin remedies to treat it. Natural therapists often recommend that you make deliberate food (and activity) modifications to improve your wellness.  Instead of making trendy adjustments, the idea is to encourage an entire healthy living and support a progressive weight loss plan. There is no one-size-fits-all […]Read More

Can you lose weight with yoga?

Jul 12, 2021 2:21 PM ET

The growth of yoga has benefitted many individuals from a healthy loss of weight. Losing weight by yoga is a controversial subject. Many think yoga by itself does not encourage weight reduction. Yoga has been helpful when coupled with nutritious food, helping to reduce weight together with maintaining the health of your brain and body. […]Read More

How to fight childhood obesity

Jul 12, 2021 2:09 PM ET

By offering healthy snacks, daily exercise, and proper nutrition, you can assist to avoid child obesity. Tasty recipes and snacks nourish increasing capacity while also modelling good eating habits and mindsets according to the latest lean Belly 3X reviews. The great news is that obesity in children can be reversed. You can offset the effects […]Read More

Nothing About Us, Without Us, Asian Youth Tell Parliamentarians

Jul 12, 2021 7:00 AM ET

By IPS Correspondent Some of the delegates at the Intergenerational Dialogue of the Asian Parliamentarians and Youth Advocates on Meaningful Youth Engagement. Credit: APDA JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Jul 12 2021 (IPS) – Youth advocates from Asian countries called for an overhaul of a system that excluded young people from participation in policymaking. During an interaction […]Read More

Q&A: UN Food Systems Summit Opportunity for the World to Unite on Healthy, Fair & Sustainable Food Systems

Jul 12, 2021 6:00 AM ET

By Alison Kentish Food systems, from farm to fork to disposal, account for 21-37% of anthropogenic GHG emissions. Fresh produce at a supermarket. Credit: Alison Kentish/IPS UNITED NATIONS, Jul 9 2021 (IPS) – Before the COVID-19 pandemic upended every sphere of life, the world was lagging on a goal to end hunger by 2030. According […]Read More

Achieving and Maintaining Peak Health & Fitness: It takes more than determination!

Jul 10, 2021 1:00 AM ET

How often have you heard it said “Two heads are better than one”? It’s also true that a travelling companion makes short of a long and arduous journey. It’s the same for anyone embarking on a journey of health and fitness. You may be determined to get fitter and healthier – but with a professional […]Read More

Jacob Glick Explains How CBD Aids Exercise Performance and Recovery

Jul 9, 2021 8:00 PM ET

Olympic athletes will be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs this summer. Just not the ones you might think. The Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency have both recently removed CBD from their banned substances lists. When the Tokyo 2020 event finally begins next month, this will be the first Olympic games where CBD will […]Read More

Dr Saeed Khan Organizes Restoration of Jupiter Inlet Land and Dune Restoration

Jul 9, 2021 6:00 PM ET

Soon after he moved to Jupiter Inlet Colony, Dr. Saeed Khan learned that the town owned an ocean-side green space north of the Jupiter Inlet which was overgrown with invasive, non-native plants.  To make this area more useable to the residents of the town, Dr. Khan spearheaded a project to restore this area.  This resulted […]Read More

Dr. Allan Spiegel MD Discusses How Sports-Related Injuries Can Affect Our Bodies

Jul 9, 2021 5:00 PM ET

The winner can still lose: How sports related injuries can affect our bodies. Competition, physical strength, and even financial gain are all attractive things one can associate with athletics. Still, when professional athletes and humans alike become injured when playing sports, it becomes an immediate question of when can I get back out there.? At […]Read More

Mark Schulhof Discusses the Mental and Physical Benefits of Volunteering for Charities

Jul 9, 2021 4:00 PM ET

Mark Schulhof recently discussed the mental and physical benefits of volunteering for charities.  Volunteering involves using your time and energy to offer help to others in need. However, volunteering often helps the volunteer as much as it does those who are being helped. Philanthropist Mark Schulhof recently discussed the surprising mental and physical benefits of […]Read More

Post-COVID 2021 Provides Women Their Best Chance Forward Says Arlene Guzman

Jul 9, 2021 4:00 PM ET

COVID-19 changed how life and work happen after 2020, and many of the existing paradigms about leadership and roles have been upended. That said, there’s an expected snapback for folks to go back to the office and life the way that it used to be before the pandemic. However, because there’s been so much change, […]Read More

Dr. Abisoye Ariyo Predicts Physical Therapy Innovations in 2022

Jul 9, 2021 2:00 PM ET

Dr. Abisoye Ariyo is a therapist who understands the importance of physical therapy and other types of unique care options. And every year, they take the time to figure out various techniques that are likely to be popular in the future. In 2022, many innovations and unique care options will likely transform the market and […]Read More

Adam Adler: The Power of Fuse Enerjel

Jul 8, 2021 8:40 PM ET

Adam Adler Approved If you are a big decision maker like Adam Adler, it is important that you are always at peak performance. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, that’s why it is ok to reach for something to help give you that little extra to keep you extraordinary. One way to achieve that […]Read More

Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards Discusses How Collecting Sports Cards Can Be Beneficial for Kids

Jul 8, 2021 8:40 PM ET

Eric Bitz recently discussed how collecting sports and other cards can be beneficial to kids. Trading cards, whether they’re baseball cards, Pokemon cards, or others, can be extremely beneficial for kids. Many parents view this as a hobby that can be expensive and unproductive, but experts like Eric Bitz say this is a hobby that […]Read More

Favour Ori CEO Describes Why a Business Would Need a Software Engineer

Jul 8, 2021 7:25 PM ET

Most companies never really think about having a software engineer as a service provider, but perhaps they should. Why? What would the benefits be? This article addresses these questions and more as relayed by Favour Ori CEO and founder of TalentMatch Inc. Benefit Number 1 No matter what industry a business is in it is […]Read More

Nashwan Habib Proves Anyone Can Thrive With His Unique Personal Journey

Jul 8, 2021 6:20 PM ET

Life throws many challenges at people every day and creates struggles that may seem impossible to overcome. However, Nashwan Habib has risen above a difficult early life, which saw significant difficulties that would have taken out other people. And he is now the owner and leader of a powerful towing company, Angelos Towing in San […]Read More

Ceracare Australia – Where to Buy Ceracare Supplements in Australia?

Jul 8, 2021 2:40 PM ET

Ceracare: Ceracare is a glucose support supplement that proposes to increment cardiovascular wellbeing and keep up with healthy glucose digestion. CeraCare supplement is conceptualized and executed by a trio – Christine, Dr. Jihn and Michael. It is a natural supplement that keeps up with optimal glucose levels, cardiovascular wellbeing, and glucose digestion. CeraCare pills intend […]Read More

latin America on icrowd marketing 4

Jul 8, 2021 12:15 AM ET

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces today that DENSO Corporation, a global automotive components manufacturer, has selected Siemens’ software portfolio for the technological foundation of their next generation model-based development (MBD). By using model-based simulations, DENSO can resolve existing issues as well as investigate a broad range of design possibilities, early in the process and before […]Read More

latin America on icrowd marketing 3

Jul 7, 2021 8:14 PM ET

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces today that DENSO Corporation, a global automotive components manufacturer, has selected Siemens’ software portfolio for the technological foundation of their next generation model-based development (MBD). By using model-based simulations, DENSO can resolve existing issues as well as investigate a broad range of design possibilities, early in the process and before […]Read More